A comprehensive day on sexual and reproductive health held in Rio Sanguiar

A group of health professionals supported by the institutions traveled to Rio Sanguer to spend a day with the aim of promoting sexual and reproductive health in the community. The team, composed of doctors, nurses and advanced medical students, was joined by representatives from the Southern Health Program Area, “Dr. Víctor Manuel Sanguinetti”, of the Specialized Center for Comprehensive Adolescent Health (CESIA) of Comodoro Rivadavia and the Medicine Degree of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Health Sciences (FCNYCS) of the National University of Patagonia “San Juan Bosco” (UNPSJB).

The agenda of activities was wide-ranging and included everything from extraction and containment to training of local vaccinators to strengthening vaccination strategies in the population. In addition, rapid tests were introduced to detect sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis.

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One of the main attractions was an educational talk titled “Why is it important to have HPV and PAP”, which took place at the Agrotechnical College No. 716 “Casimiro Szlapelis”. The talk provided preventive information and attempted to raise awareness about the importance of health checkups among adolescents.

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