A cruel meme changed Chloë Grace Moret’s life

Chloë Grace Moretzfamous for movies like The Fifth Wave either If I decide to stayconfessed that he suffered from body dysmorphia after a cruel meme about her on social media.

Program November 19, 2021 Part 1 | JLo was with us at VLA.

The American was compared to a character from Family Guy, after she was caught entering a hotel with two pizza boxes. In the photo you can see Chloe with a black shirt and shorts, while her long legs stand out.

The actress was compared to a character from Family Guy, which is a blonde woman with a purple dress and long legs. the body of Chloe was immediately teased and

It became a meme that went around the internet.

The above damaged the self-esteem of the celebrity, generating body dysmorphia: “Everyone made fun of my body, I told someone and he said: Oh shut the fuck up, it’s funnyhe told the magazine Hunger.

“I remember sitting there and thinking: my body is being used as a joke and it’s something i can’t change about who i am, and it’s being posted all over instagram”, he continued.

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Chloë Grace Moretz suffered from body dysmorphia

Chloë also said that it was very difficult for her to go back out on the street and take up job opportunities again: “It took away a layer of something that I used to enjoy, which was getting ready, go to a rug and take a picture. She made me feel super self-conscious.”

I think body dysmorphia, which we all deal with in this world, extrapolates to social media issues.

In another interview for the The New York Pesto, the actress spoke of the viral meme: “I am a very different girl than I was. Now I feel like a woman… but to this day, when I see that meme, it’s a very difficult thing for me to deal with.”

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