A demand of the fans seems to be fulfilled in Wednesday Season 2.

a team member Wednesday It has been accidentally revealed that one of the requests made by fans will be fulfilled in Season 2.

Given the success achieved, Netflix did not hesitate and renewed for season 2 WednesdayThe series focuses on the teenage daughter of the Addams family, played on occasion by an increasingly famous actress. Jenna Ortega,

Ever since production on new episodes was confirmed, fans have not delayed in launching their requests for a new season, and it looks like at least one of them is going to come true, or at least that way. It is revealed by chance to someone from among the series team members.

The rest of the Addams Family will get more prominence in Season 2 Wednesday

One of the many demands made by fans for the next season Wednesday is that other members of the Addams Family have a greater presence in the series. Netflix (Of course, without taking the spotlight away from Jenna Ortega’s character).

In a recent interview for DiversityThe series’ costume designer Colleen Atwood accidentally revealed this by confirming that Adams will be making more appearances in the next episode. Morticia Addams is going to bring more wardrobe variety in season 2,

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He says, “She’ll have multiple appearances in Season 2, so it’ll be really fun to see what Morticia does when she takes off her costume and finds herself in the house.”

it means that new season of Wednesday The Addams Family Mansion will account for a good portion of its development And Wednesday Addams’ parents may be more prominent characters in future episodes.

season 2 of Wednesday Will be released soon in the Netflix catalog, Are you looking forward to seeing the rest of the Addams Family in the next episode of the series?

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