A family doctor enters the Catalan Medical Academy

Josep Maria Vilaseca Llobet, specialist in Family and Community Medicine.

The head of the Primary Care Service of the Althaia Foundation and vice president of the Museum of the History of Medicine of Catalonia, Josep Maria Vilaseca Llobetis a new academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia (RAMC).

His appointment has taken place in the course of a extraordinary session which was held at the headquarters of the RAMC. Vilaseca Llobet’s academic designation is “a recognition of his professional and academic career and his contribution to the history of medicine“, has expressed the royal corporation.

During the act, the new academic gave the paper ‘From the Technological Revolution to the Perplexity of Current Medicine’, a text that places special emphasis on the professional humanism. Vilaseca, assigned to the Social Medicine section of the RAMC, has been symbolically welcomed by Michael Brugueraspecialist in Internal Medicine and the Digestive System, and former president in addition to the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB).

Vilaseca Llobet is a medical specialist in Family and Community Medicine since 2001 and Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona (UB)with a rating of Excellent Cum Laude. He is also trained in the field of Public health with two graduate programs from the University of London.

He is an active member of woncathe world association of family doctors.

Who is Vilaseca Llobet in the field of medical teaching?

He is an associate professor at University of Barcelona and of the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia.

During his professional career, he has combined the exercise of the profession as a family and community care doctor with the research in the field of Primary Care and also of the history of Medicine.

In this sense, he is the author of the book published under the title ‘The Hospital of Santa Cruz de Vic during the Spanish civil war (1936 – 1939)’ as a result of his doctoral thesis, and several articles on the history of medicine and on other areas of medicine.

Since 2018, he has published a bimonthly article on medical biographies in the journal AMF, Update in Family Medicine.

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