A famous actress has one of the most beautiful faces on earth…and it’s proven!

Devastated after her trial against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard was the subject of a study by a British cosmetic surgeon, Doctor Julian De Silva. The latter, who works at Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of London, used, on several celebrities, a method known to scientists to determine the perfect symmetry of a face. The result for that of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife is final. For her face at age 30, when she is now 36, she scores 91.85% perfection in terms of symmetry.

According to the surgeon’s research, Kim Kardashian has the prettiest brows, while Emily Ratajkowski crushes the competition with her lips. Kate Moss would have a perfect forehead and Scarlett Johansson with irresistible eyes. But the champion is the model Bella Hadid, who gets the highest score, since it amounts to 94.35%. She is followed by Beyoncé. Amber Heard, just ahead of Ariana Grande, completes the podium. For men, Robert Pattinson won the gold medal with a score of 92.15%.

Still in love with Johnny Depp?

Despite this good news, Amber Heard is going through a difficult period. The 36-year-old blonde beauty recently lost her case against Johnny Depp, as they accused each other of domestic violence. He got $15 million…

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