A fan tried to break into Selena Gomez’s house, weeks after another burned a mattress in front of her home | Famous

In addition, just a couple of days ago he posted a short video inside a music studio on his TikTok account, hinting that he is already working on his next songs.

However, not everything is good news for the interpreter of ‘Baila Conmigo’.

The two incidents that have occurred in the house of Selena Gomez

On July 10, ‘TMZ’ reported that a fan tried to break into the singer’s home. According to reports, around 1 a.m. on that Sunday, a man tried to jump the fence of the house, which caught the attention of the security team.

In turn, the guards alerted the Los Angeles police, who captured the suspect while he was walking aimlessly in the surrounding streets. When questioned, he explained that he only wanted to meet Selena Gomez.

However, this is not the only incident recorded in the artist’s house. The same medium published that “a few weeks ago” (without specifying the date), a man appeared in front of his residence with a mattress with the name of the actress written on it (supposedly, he used blood to spell it) and, shortly after show it at the entrance, set it on fire.

He too was detained by local authorities.

Selena Gomez was not at home

Fortunately for the singer, on neither of the two occasions was she at home.

Recently, the actress also flew to Paris (France) to attend the Haute Couture Week shows and fulfill some commitments of her beauty brand, Rare Beauty.

It is unknown if he is aware of the events at home or how long he will be in the French capital.

Ariana Grande went through something similar

Just a couple of weeks ago, at the end of June, ‘TMZ’ revealed that the voice of ‘Thank U, Next’ underwent a break-in attempt at his home in Montecito, California.

In her case, it drew attention that it occurred within the framework of her 29th birthday, in addition to the fact that the man in question had already tried to approach the singer in September 2021, although on that occasion he showed up at her home with a knife in hand.

In this case, Ariana Grande was also not at home at the time of what happened.

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