A few grams of this food per day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s

Eating a little blueberries every day can ward off the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and the typical symptoms of dementia. Let’s see why.

A study conducted established that eating blueberries, it can reduce the chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in later life.

But let’s try to understand something more and what led the research to establish this.

What the conducted research says

The researchers focused on related diseases to dementia and therefore to Alzheimer’s.

The fruit of blueberries has great power antioxidant. A fruit characterized by a very intense color, it defends itself against radiation and infections.

Blueberries help a lot to cut back inflammation, excellent for metabolism and for the supply of energy within the cells.


The study was based on an age group of subjects between the ages of 50 and 65 they were overweight, and prediabetic, and with a weak memory. For 12 weeks, they were asked not to consume berries of any kind.

In replacement, however, a part of the patients he received powders that were like half a cup of whole blueberries, while another group of patients received a placebo.

Those who were given blueberries had had an improvement in memory, with lower insulin levels, therefore better metabolism.

Then add to this that the little group that ate blueberries had a very important process linked to increased longevity. So let’s remember to include blueberries in our diet.

A very tasty fruit, rich in many properties and that we can consume in various ways, including blueberry juice, or blueberry ice cream. There are so many ways and as research has established the benefits to our physical and mental health are enormous.

It is amazing how the cognitive system, in subjects of a certain age, has important advantages related to eating blueberry. Let’s notice it in the shopping list and make sure it is always there.

Let us also be intrigued by the many recipes that are on the net that help us to diversify the use of this miraculous fruit.

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