a former Ballon d’Or consecrates Cristiano Ronaldo in front of Lionel Messi

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The small game of comparisons between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi has been put aside since the start of the season, given the difficulties encountered by the two stars at Manchester United and Paris. But the Brazilian Kaka was revived on the subject during a broadcast on Youtube and he gave a clear opinion. Opinion which was certainly influenced by the fact that he played four years (2009-13) alongside the Portuguese at Real Madrid…

“I would differentiate the two like this: one is a genius, the other has a very strong mind. Now if you ask me who I want in my team, I will answer you Cristiano. The chances of him missing are very weak. He is very determined, very focused in everything he does.”

To go in the direction of Kaka, CR7 has scored much more this season in a team in great difficulty than Messi (16 goals against 4) in a formation that has crushed its championship. Proof that the Portuguese and his steel mind always respond when La Pulga needs the collective more…

to summarize

Partner of Cristiano Ronaldo for four years at Real Madrid, the Brazilian Kaka believes that the Portuguese is more reliable than Lionel Messi, even if he considers the Argentinian now at PSG to be a real genius.

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