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It is safe to say that we all enjoy a good comedy movie, because they are entertaining, sometimes a bit ridiculous, and can steal more than one laugh to make us have a good time; And if we add to that the incredible talent of Emma Stone, whom we have seen in films like La La Land (2016) or The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), it is obvious that it will be a “home run”. All this is what happens with La Casa de las Conejitas (2008), a tape that is available on Netflix.

The story is a mockery/tribute to the women known as “Playboy Girls”, introducing us to Shelley, who after being cheated on by one of her peers is ‘exiled’ from the Playboy house, which leads her to a college fraternity that is about to disappear due to lack of girls. In this way Shelley helps them to be more attractive and less shy, and although things seem to be rosy, they will soon discover that superficial beauty exacts a high cost.

Is The House Bunny a good movie?

At first we can say yes, since the story, in addition to being very well interpreted, has quite funny moments and not so common in other films of the same genre, bordering on the absurd during a good part of the plot, but having a good dose of youth drama. On the other hand, this story also has moments marked by female empowerment, showing that women cannot and should not be pigeonholed by stereotypes.

Unfortunately, the film seems to age in a bad way, since during the story there was a constant participation of Hugh Hefner, who was the founder of Playboy, so the film was intended to some extent as a tribute to his work. However, after his death in 2017, multiple statements have come to light from girls who worked with him and who describe him as an abusive man, who physically and sexually violated them.

Of course, that wasn’t something that would appear even in the most subtle way in the 2008 film, so we can say that it’s like a surreal version of our world, being quite colorful, cheerful, and goofy in many scenes, which we can understand it as a satire of the perception that many people have about people who generate adult content.

A killer cast

We admit that it is somewhat complicated to describe this entire film in a couple of lines, so perhaps you still do not dare to see this film, so it is necessary to mention the fabulous cast that makes it up, which is led by Anna Faris, actress known for her fabulous work in Scary Movie (2000-13) or Cloudy with a Chance of Burgers (2009).

As for the rest of the cast, Katharine McPhee (Terror in the Deep), Rumer Willis (Once Upon A Time in Hollywood), Dana Min Goodman, Kiely Williams, Kimberly Makkouk and Kat Dennings, better known as the Doctor Darcy Lewis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in the Thor movies and in WandaVision (2021). @worldwide

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