A guide to getting into Raya, the dating app for the rich and famous

Nowadays, there are many dating apps and dating platforms that have changed the way people meet and establish relationships. These applications have become increasingly popular and accessible due to the proliferation of smartphones and internet connectivity.

But not all of them are the same, each has its own special characteristics and, sometimes, it seems that you may even find people who are a little different. still, There are some more special opinions.

Raya is an online dating platform and social network designed to connect people seeking romantic relationships or friendship. What sets Raya apart from many other dating apps is that it promotes itself as An exclusive and selective platform that serves a community of influential, creative and successful people, It is often described as the “celebrity dating app” or “the dating app for creative people”.

For example, celebrities have loved the app since it launched in 2015 Zac Efron, Ben Affleck and Emily Ratajkowski have been among its users. At the national level, Alex Gonzalez, Braz Efe, Victor Elias, Blanca Suarez, Maria Lyon, Thibaut Courtois, Jorge Lorenzo, Mick Schumacher, Ana Guerra or CepedaHave been in the app at some point.

Raya started as a niche platform It was accessible only by invitation geared toward the entertainment industry., As it has grown, it has expanded into “creative” industries and diversified to include business opportunities. networkingAlso romantic relationships.

Because of this, Raya operates exclusively in large cities. In Spain it is very concentrated on Madrid and Barcelona, So if you’re hiking in the small town of Burgos don’t expect to meet a lot of people.

But despite all the changes that have taken place in the application, one thing that has remained the same during its eight years of existence is the difficulty of accessing it.

How does Raya work?

The way Raya works is very similar to other dating apps. Once you have gained the right of entry, It is essential to create a profile focused on your photos and some personal information.

Then, slide! Like other apps, left means you don’t like it and right means you don’t like it.

The company has established a code of conduct when interacting with other users If they are violated, they will include immediate expulsion from the platform and account deletion. For example, screenshots are completely banned, which is normal considering the number of well-known people around.

little book of love

little book of love

little book of love

How to get Raya Membership?

Getting into Raya isn’t exactly easy, but here we tell you how to do it.

The first way, the simplest, is for someone who is already in to recommend you. The more famous the better! But if you’re not lucky enough to meet Olivia Rodrigo or Demi Lovato, no problem, you can always apply.

To do this, you will need to provide information about yourself, your interests and often upload a series of photos showing your interests and what your lifestyle is like. Once this is done, Raya staff will review your profile, in theory they review all profiles, but they are very selective. There is no secret to getting accepted and many things are taken into consideration.

If you are ultimately accepted, you will receive an invitation to join or your application will be approved. This invitation is usually sent through the app and will allow you to create your profile and start using Raya. Once this is done, you can sign up for a paid subscription which will give you access to additional benefits just like other apps like Tinder., Its price is around 7 euros. If they don’t accept you, don’t worry, thousands of people are rejected every day.

Tricks to get better chances of getting accepted into Raya

Applications for admission to Raya are evaluated, as stated by the company, by a committee of 500 people, making it a fairly detailed process and its criteria very diverse.

But is there any way to get them to like that committee? There are many theories about this, some people think that It is important to have a “fantastic” profession as an actor, writer, artist… For others, if you have many followers on social networks, you are already halfway there.

But according to what the application itself has revealed on some occasions, the fact of knowing people already in the app is one of the main variables when accepted, although it is not a guarantee, far from it. ,Factors our membership committee considers when reviewing applications also include the applicant’s degree of engagement with existing members, as we have found that an existing ‘real’ network within the community is the best indicator of an applicant’s commitment and satisfaction. Is one of. application”He has announced.

As general recommendations, when applying, try to complete your profile carefully, post good quality photos, be honest, follow the rules and highlight your personal achievements and your connections in the creative industry.

Unfortunately, there is currently no known shortcut or trick to enter Raya without going through the selection or being invited by an existing member, so we’ll have to cross our fingers and be patient.

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