A Harley Sportster Scrambler with a lot of rhythm

Once again the LDK team has given an extra twist to its preparations. This is the case with this Harley Sportster Scrambler named “Hand on the Torch” and inspired by a record cover. Unique, distinctive and with lots of rhythm!

the new one harley sportster The Scrambler “Hand on the Torch” built by the friends of LDK is a good example of the dedication and originality of all their projects. This is specifically a request from a customer who wanted to capture the design of the cover of an album by a jazz rap band called US3 on their acclaimed mount. That is why the motorcycle has been baptized with exactly the same name with which the album was published at that time: “Hand on the Torch”.

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Photos: Sportster "hand on torch": A Harley Sportster Scrambler with a lot of rhythm

This artistic piece belongs to the jazz and hip-hop fusion group Us3 and also features a very colorful cover on a cream or beige background. And it was at this point that the client indicated that, instead of cream or beige for the background, he preferred white.

Harley Sportster Scrambler “Hand on the Torch” detail

harley sportster scrambler “Hand on the torch” This is a custom motorcycle built Take XL 883. Which has a motorcycle conversion base of the famous Bulltracker and Soulbreaker models that the guys from Lord Drake Customs usually use in their customization work with the Yankee firm’s frames and a Scrambler style.

Photos: Sportster "hand on torch": A Harley Scrambler with a lot of rhythm

Among the main details that make up this preparation are, for example, the RSD Tracker 2-in-1 exhaust system with large spoke rims (Big Spoke) for Harley, components typical of these models and of course the 1-inch BMW handlebar or Motogadget mini odometer integrated into the handlebar riser.

The two fenders, license plate holder and spoiler are handmade by LDK, and the front suspension has been modified, with upper covers also installed (on which the name “Hand on the Torch” is painted).

Nothing more and nothing less than a pair in the back ohlins shock absorber For Sportster that gives this Harley Scrambler the necessary dynamic and precise touch.

Photos: Sportster "hand on torch": A Harley Scrambler with a lot of rhythm

Finally, a spectacular paint job inspired by the album cover, using different colors like blue, orange, red and green on a white background, has also been used on the two fenders, gas tank and number holders.

GMR graphics and the number 411 are two other airbrushed details on the fuel tank and number holders at customer request. Other parts of the bike are painted black and white with gold details, such as the front suspension bottoms or the rear swingarm, giving this Harley Scrambler the final touch full of rhythm and color.

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