A ‘John Wick’ anime? Chad Stahelski confirms ideas of expanding the franchise universe

universe of john wick Expansion continues. Currently, the franchise has four films released between 2014 and 2023. Furthermore, it is believed that The fifth installment will be However, there is very little information at present. It also premiered this year continental, A series is available in prime video which works like By-product And expands the universe of the famous killer.

It will be released in theaters in 2024 ballerina, Additionally, another feature film in the franchise Keanu Reeves will be distributed in Ana de Armas, Norman Reedus or Ian McShane, among others. But that won’t be the only thing we can look forward to john wick In the following years. There are more things to come, and one of them will surprise more than one.

Chad Stahelski Director in charge of four films john wick To date, he recently confirmed in an interview playlist Next projects of the franchise. one of them is about an anime At the moment, we don’t know much more than that, even if we won’t see An animated version of Keanu Reeves Or if other characters will have a major role.

“We really want to do this, we’re very excited because We are developing several projects and an anime, Because I love Japanese animation,” the filmmaker explained. sermon, Podcasts of the medium mentioned above. In this way, the director aims to tell “great stories” that cannot be achieved with live action. Besides, There will be a sequential format To better expand the entire world and delve deeper into the characters, though, without being tied to traditional television formulas.

“I think, especially in television, world-building and action have always been quite separate. Why not try combine both And give everything to the fans? Look, I love the slow pace of television, but after six episodes, I would like to see something happen in my series, You know?” Stahelski added.

The director also revealed who he works with lionsgate This time to develop another television series. live action Like the rest of the franchise, in which it will delve into multiple characters. We may see little or nothing of John Wick here, but we may Learn more about High Table. In this title you can know something about this secret society, But always keep the secret, Well, Stahelski assured that he does not want to represent all of his members.

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