A la Ronaldinho, images of Orbelín Pineda’s goal that goes around the world

Goal by Orbelin Pineda
Goal by Orbelin Pineda

Orbelin Pineda seems to show an increasing hierarchy within the football of the Old Continent. Now the Mexican midfielder has been one of the authors of the 3 goals with the AEK of Athens against Panserraikos. The competition was the Greek Cup and it will be where Pineda registers his fourth goal in his last 5 games.

Matías Almeyda must be applauding himself at the excellent signing he has made, since one of his pupils when he was the technical director of Chivas is turning out to be the best reinforcement of the tournament. It should be remembered that the Argentine coach renewed until 2028, so while Almeyda is in Greece, Orbelín will enjoy prominence.

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Pineda’s goal was wonderful, thanks to the fact that an excellent spin by his teammates left him on a silver platter the one he defined with a slight bow in which he surely Ronaldinho he would be proud of the Mexican. It should be noted that the Brazilian star and Pineda had a very good relationship at Gallos Blancos, which is why the Mexican probably learned very well from 10.

Pineda continues to score goals in Greece

The goal that you can enjoy giving it

Another goal from Orbelín Pineda in Grecia����!

The Mexican reaches 10 G+A in the season ��������

AEK won 3-0 and has a foot and a half in the Greek Cup semifinals ✅

– xGoalsMX (@xGoalsMX) January 18, 2023 ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>click here, is a sign that the player can make that leap to another quality team as long as he is sheltered in a way that he can show his best qualities. It seemed to be a simple streak, now it becomes a reality, for which Pineda raises his hand to be recognized by the entire continent.

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