a landslide in bed according to tiktok


If Emma Stone a few days ago declared in no uncertain terms that the best moment of her 2017 Oscars was having met Leonardo DiCaprio and having received from his hands the golden statuette for best actress for her performance in the film La La Land (“At that moment I could only think of him. I saw Titanic seven and a half times in the cinema. He was the love of my life. In the bedroom I had an autographed photo of him that I had received for my 12th birthday.” , cit.), there are those who do not seem to have a good memory of the Hollywood sex symbol. Julianne Hough, former dancer and later judge of dancing with the Stars US version would have confided to her niece that she was not particularly “satisfied” with her brief liaison with Leo of ours (and a myth collapses).

Leonardo DiCaprio, a landslide in bed according to Tiktok

The profile had already thought of it DeuxMoi to blurt out Leo’s weird habits under the sheets talking about sex strictly with AirPods. Today the new lunge on TikTok. “My aunt slept with Leonardo DiCaprio. And apparently, it wouldn’t be that great,” giggled Star, daughter of Sharee Hough Selman, Julianne’s older sister. (@starwisest his Insta profile) participating in a challenge aimed at celebs’ relatives, invited to confess a secret about the glossy world of Hollywood. Julianne Hough’s teenage niece didn’t have it repeated twice and in addition to telling about her aunt’s friendship with Nina Dobrev and an acquaintance with Ben Barnes, she threw the bomb on Leonardo DiCaprio. “It’s not a lie, I swear you can check,” he said in the video that went viral (and then removed).

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Hough and DiCaprio were immortalized together at Coachella in 2013 and hit all the gossip magazines. “They flirted. They touched all over. At one point, he whispered something in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. They were so engrossed in each other that they ignored anyone around them.” times in the magazine Star: a passion that lasted the time of a ride on the Ferris wheel but which apparently would have left a not-so-sparkling memory in Julianne.

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Now the word aka the hot potato goes to Camila Morrone, Leo’s girlfriend since 2017 and according to many “the right one” the most credited for making a lie about aunt and niece: also his ex-famous and very blond exes like Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli because questioning Leonardo DiCaprio’s art of love is a diplomatic matter and of utmost international importance, right?

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