A large shape that appeared in a photo posted by Google provokes comments


Google Earth

An eerily familiar shape appearing in a Google Earth satellite photo of Colorado has caused some fans of the mythical Bigfoot to speculate that it might be their favorite creature. Others, however, are not so sure.

A Reddit forum dedicated to Bigfoot discovered the strange apparition, which is reminiscent of photos on Google Earth where the elusive ape-like creature is said to inhabit forests in different regions of the United States.

The shape can be seen at coordinates 38°16’24” N. 108°08’32”, which correspond to an area of ​​Montrose County, western Colorado.

“It certainly has the shape of Bigfoot, but it can be anything, even a puddle of water,” said the post posted on the portal. “I found it very entertaining to watch and I wanted to know what you guys think.”

Some users agreed that the shape looks suspiciously like Bigfoot, especially given the size the post estimated it to be at around seven feet tall.

“The subject does not appear in other satellite images from different years, which may imply that it is moving,” wrote one visitor.

However, others said it could be a shadow or other natural thing that appears and disappears based on the angle of the sun or other factors.

“It’s me,” one user quipped, prompting more joking comments about “found” Bigfoot.

“Thanks for posting this type of comment, whether or not it’s Bigfoot, doesn’t matter: it’s fun!” another user wrote.

Alleged Bigfoot “sightings” have been reported across the country, including in Washington, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Translation by Jorge Posada

This story was originally published on January 23, 2023 10:37 a.m.

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