In a recent post published on Reddit some very interesting details have emerged regarding the possible contents coming to Fortnite over the next few seasons, content to be taken naturally with pliers not being anything official. Before leaving you to the list we would like to inform you that the image used in the article is fictitious, does not correspond to the contents, so do not consider it.

What’s new for Fortnite in sight

According to the post on Reddit, Epic Games is preparing the following news for his Battle Royale:

  • Ariana Grande will come into play with a Skin and a concert
  • The members of the Justice League and the Suicide Squad will be added in the game
  • Epic is trying to get the rights to enter Naruto in the Pass of the Season 8
  • the Season 8 will include an explosive kunai weapon
  • At the end of Season 7 the Cube will return controlled by a character known as queen, which will play an important role in Chapter 3
  • Chapter 3 will see a completely new map
  • The position of the Seven will be revealed in Chapter 3
  • the Season 8 will see the addition of a PDI called The Sideways
  • Horse monsters will arrive on the island at some point

Some are quite plausible, considering that in a document of Epic Games emerged during the lawsuit with Apple were already present, others instead could simply be invented, in any case we invite you to take everything with pliers.