a legendary actress joins the cast to play Vin Diesel’s grandma

Vin Diesel’s family will grow a little more in the next FastX who cast a legendary actress to play grandma Toretto.

After Dom’s hidden son in Fast & Furious 8 and the return of a brother out of nowhere played by John Cena in the latest Fast & Furious 9, thehe Toretto family is still not complete. Several actors with big arms and big names have been added to the cast of the next and penultimate part of the saga. Between two dives into the DCEU, Jason Momoa will play the new enemy of Vin Diesel’s band, while Brie Larson – who revealed the look of her character on a set photo of FastX -, Daniela Melchior and Alan Ritchson also joined the cast in yet-unknown roles.

Filming started six weeks ago and as usual, Vin Diesel has turned his Instagram page into a diary where he regularly gives news of the production to say that everyone loves each other very much, that Fast & Furious is the greatest saga of all time and that everything is going wonderfully, even after the departure of director Justin Lin and the falling out with Dwayne Johnson.

West Side Story: photo, Rita MorenoAfter Helen Mirren, Rita Moreno

Recently, the actor and producer therefore announced the arrival of a new actress, or rather ofa Hollywood legend, in the cast: Rita Morenothe interpreter of Anita in the West Side Story Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, who for the occasion was the first woman from Latin America to have won an Oscar.

Vin Diesel also clarified that the almost 91-year-old actress will play Dom and Mia’s (and Jakob’s) grandmother. We therefore imagine that Rita Moreno will only have a minor role in the scenario and will only make a brief appearance in the film which should be directed by Louis Leterrier, without squealing the tires or running a red light, therefore. Last year, the actress stepped into the spotlight again when she took on a new role in the magnificent West Side Story by Steven Spielberg where she played Valentina, Doc’s widow and Tony’s friend.

As for the rest of the cast, it will be made up of franchise regulars: Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Sung Kang, Nathalie Emmanuel and Charlize Theron who will take over the role of cyberterrorist Cipher. FastX is scheduled for May 24, 2023.

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