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A Small Favor, the film written and directed by Paul Feig, is an unpredictable mystery, a contemporary noir that investigates trust within relationships, the boundaries of ambiguity and the spasmodic search for perfection, which sees two friends at the center of an intertwining of unspeakable secrets and fatal lies.

The protagonist of the story is Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick), young single mom of little Miles, who enjoys running a popular cooking blog. Stephanie is a caring and bright mom who actively participates in school projects and arouses the envy of other parents. His life is turned upside down by the encounter with the magnetic Emily Nelson (Blake Lively), mother of a schoolmate of Miles. Emily works in a major fashion company and it’s impossible not to notice her beauty and quirky style. Emily’s charisma ends up captivating Stephanie and, despite not having much in common, the two quickly become friends. During an afternoon spent together, in Emily’s immense home, her friends indulge in intimate confessions after having drunk a few too many drinks.
Stephanie recounts the controversial relationship with her stepbrother Chris (Dustin Milligan) which caused the deceased husband’s jealousy Davis (Eric Johnson). Emily, on the other hand, expresses all her impatience for the marriage with the English professor, Sean Townsend (Henry Golding). Suddenly, Stephanie receives a call and asks her friend for help: while she would have solved a work emergency outside the city, Stephanie would have had to look after her son. Several days pass, Sean returns from England and Emily is still untraceable. The faithful friend intends to find her and, after turning to the police, decides to investigate on her own, involving the fans of her blog. Days later, Emily’s lifeless body is found in Michigan. Although there is no doubt about the identity of the body, the autopsy makes Stephanie suspicious. When Sean reveals that he has fallen in love with her, Stephanie begins to receive disturbing messages and realizes that she owes more than a small favor to her new friend …

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A thriller that never takes itself too seriously and convinces perhaps more as a comedy, as well as for the unexpected harmony between two opposite actresses like Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. Here they alternate convincingly in telling the seduction of a modest housewife for a beautiful femme fatale friend with a hectic life. When the latter disappears, the former turns into an investigative vlogger. Good pacing, leisurely mischievous thriller that combines various genres without losing the entertainment compass. (Mauro Donzelli – Comingsoon.it)
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The movie A Little Favor is the film adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Darcey Bell and published in Italy by Rizzoli.

Despite his personage you abuse alcohol a lot, Blake Lively is completely abstemious. The gin used for Emily’s cocktails is that produced by Ryan Reynolds, husband of Lively.

The novel by Darcey Bell it was sooo perfect for a film adaptation, than to the writer rights were asked before the book was published.


From the Italian Film Trailer:

Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick): Emily is my best friend, she is a wonderful, elegant person …

Emily Nelson (Blake Lively): Would you like a drink? Let’s drink them too, it’s never too early for a martini!
Stephanie: Ok, I know you are joking, but great!

Stephanie: How I love to tone myself!

Sean Townsend (Henry Golding): It’s an enigma, my wife. Impossible to grab it!

Emily: Did you take a picture of me? Delete it!

Emily: Stephanie, I need a hand!
Stephanie: Are you okay?
Emily: I’m fine, but I need a little favor, can you pick me up Nicky from school?

Stephanie: Five days ago Emily went missing

Voice off: I warn you, if you keep rummaging through his past, you will find something terrible! I have never seen such a beautiful girl wanting to be so invisible
Stephanie: I feel his presence, his scent, he’s like a ghost
Sean: You’ve become paranoid

Nicky (Ian Ho): I saw my mom, she told me to say hello to Stephanie

Stephanie: Everyone has a dark side, only some are better at hiding it!



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