A majestic trailer and a performance in doubt due to injury: the news of the Super Bowl show – Music

Yes, it is an eminently sporting event, but the truth is that, with the passage of time, music has taken on more and more prominence. We talk about the Super Bowl, that final of the American football league that arouses extreme interest in its intermission, when there is a show in which, this year, there is a star with his own name: Rihanna. The one from Barbados will reappear on stage after six years and after having given us that ‘Lift Me Up’ as a soundtrack for the movie ‘Wakanda Forever’. So, after so much time in which, without finally dissociating himself from music, he has focused on other types of businesses, the expectation to see what he does is maximum.

To clear up doubts or increase the tension that exists between those who follow her with greater fidelity, the organization has released a trailer with which it has swept social networks. Or what is the same: it seems that it is on the right track of winning the applause of the public in general and, what is more important, of its followers in particular. “Do you know how many days are left for the SuperBowl? Only 11. And the intermission trailer, which this year you already know has Rihanna as the protagonist, back, appears in a yellow fur coat and told you that she is seen in full form”that’s how he told us on the air, on CADENA 100, our partner Ruth Medina. And here we leave you that little appetizer, so that you can verify that their words are true and delight yourself with those few seconds that they have thrown at us as bait.

It was not the only detail that our partner offered us -whose audio you can listen to by clicking ‘play’ on the image that appears at the top of this news-, because it also valued who is called to be your partner in the ‘ show’ has compromised participation due to a small accident that has injured him. “It remains to be seen if Jason DeRulo, who apparently was going to share the stage with her, finally performs because he has injured his foot and is on crutches. We’ll see”, were those words to which we also put an image. In this case, going to the social networks of the TMZ portal, who is the one who has shown those photos in which he is seen having difficulty walking.


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