A McDonald’s delivery man burst into the middle of a basketball game: “It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”

A delivery entered a basketball game in the United States

The match between Loyola Chicago and the duquesne of the university basketball league was the scene of a surreal episode when a fast food delivery man entered the field even on two occasions to deliver an order for a client who was watching the meeting.

It all happened during the second half of the clash between the two institutions at the UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse in Pittsburgh. While the game was taking place, the official broadcast captured the moment a young man invaded the court at least twice with a bag of food and drinks.

In the pictures the delivery man could be seen a little disoriented looking for the recipient of the package while a linesman insisted that he move out of the playing area. A scene that caused laughter not only from the spectators but also from the commentators themselves.

“Is it an Uber Eats delivery or something? He has a McDonald’s bag. In fact, I’m not kidding,” said the rapporteur and added: “Maybe raise your hand, I’m a little hungry. You can deliver it here.”

The game had to be interrupted for a few minutes
The game had to be interrupted for a few minutes

Seeing that the young man in beige pants and a yellow jacket continued with his mission, the referees decided to call a timeout so they could resolve the situation. “Well…we deserved a break today,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Twitter Tim Benz, what officiated as the announcer of Dusquense-Chicago, making reference to a slogan of the leading fast food company.

“It was the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life”stated the coach of the local team, Keith Dambrot, in dialogue with Post Gazetteand I add: “Our boys were dying of laughter in the dressing room. The boy had a job to do. He did his job well.”

Dambrot finally explained that the young man was able to locate the recipient of the order and the cameras showed the moment in which the delivery was completed and how the spectators applauded when the package reached the hands of its buyer.

After the match is over, the Tribune Review of Pittsburgh reported that it could all have been an act whose protagonist was a university student trying to pull a prank. The Sports Nowalso echoed the situation and explained that the delivery man was ejected from the premises.

At the same time, they also detailed that it would have been a member of the video team who could have placed the order.

After this unprecedented situation, the game resumed and the dukes beat the Loyola Chicago Ramblers by 72-58.

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