A millionaire is looking for candidates to divide his inheritance of 50 million euros

his name is Marlene Engelhorn And he is one of the richest people in Austria, something that he inherited from birth, as his family owns one of the most recognized companies in the chemicals sector in Europe, called Basf and this year Was established. 1865 in Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, by Friedrich Engelhorn.

Now in the news since, at the age of 31, life has pretty much sorted itself out, and After inheriting 25 million euros in 2022 After his grandmother’s death, it helped him rethink many aspects of his life.

In view of this situation and after openly admit that “there is property and with it power, without having done anything to deserve it”, He knows that his situation is a far cry from that of people earning minimum wages in his country, so the differences between people in his class and the rest are particularly striking.

In fact, he himself assured that it is the state itself “He doesn’t even want me to pay inheritance tax”In accordance with the law in force in Austria in 2008.

This reason, combined with a social conscience inappropriate for someone of his level, has led him to take an unusual decision, which is to reinvest in sharing it with the people of his country. The great fortune with which she has been adorned since her cradle.

In this sense, the first decision he took was to establish Tax Me Now, whose objective was to get tax money from those who have the most. But it did not stop here, and went further, By distributing most of the 25 million euros Inherited among thousands of his compatriots.

10,000 letters to anonymous people

But the story continues, because a few days ago he decided Send 10,000 letters to Austrian citizens over the age of 16 Selected at random, 50 of them would be selected for the Engelhorn Project, with the intention of ‘disposing’ of their grandmother’s legacy. To be selected, everyone must share “Initiatives beneficial to society as a whole” During the meetings to be held in Hamburg between the months of March and June and which will cover all expenses.

during an interview with Tagsspiegel, The woman said she would not regret the decision: “Many people have trouble making ends meet. With a full-time job and pay taxes for every euro earned at work,” he said. Given this, he said he intends to “give back to society” some of what he was given by birth.


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