A Minecraft Player Creates a Fully Functional Creeper Lighthouse

A functional creeper-shaped headlamp that, according to the author, could still be improved even further.

The community within Minecraft never stops constantly surprise us. It has already become a tradition that every so often some construction becomes popular due to its beautiful design, complicated execution or even both. Some recent examples were how one person managed to recreate the city of Soledad from The Elder Scrolls V: Skirym, or how another built one of the most recognizable locations in the Arcane series, based on League of Legends. On this occasion we are referring to a structure that not only has a design job behind it, but also It also has a built-in function that works automatically.

The lighthouse not only has an original design, but also has a purpose within the game.

This build comes out of the Minecraft subreddit, where I continually people upload their projects and ideas to share them with the rest of the community from the Mojang video game. On this occasion the user u / Jenguh has posted the latest build of it, a fully functional creeper headlamp. This structure not only draws attention for its original idea, since the lighthouse up to half its length has a classic design and then reveals the shape of a creeper, revealing its face at the end and at the top a small section that serves as a light source and that rotates to illuminate the night. But the grace of this structure is not only this, but that the reason for its shape is that it also serves as a farm.

in minecraft many players create farms of different creatures to get their resources. These farms are characterized by being automatic and allowing you to extract the materials that different creatures drop completely automatically. In the case of the creepers it is to obtain gunpowder, which is extremely valuable as this is your only way of obtaining and it is necessary to create fireworks and move quickly with the elytra. So in addition to creating a landmark in the middle of the night with an original and detailed style, it also has a structure that it generates resources while he can dedicate himself to other work.

Minecraft is updated to version 1.18.2 with a novelty that will make your life easier

Another reason why Minecraft never stops being a topic of conversation is its constant updates. The last to land has been 1.18.2, which includes news to make life easier, as well as adding new content to expand the user experience. Minecraft is the game that never stops giving.

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