A Minecraft player creates all these possibilities with the new Mob Breeze

It didn’t take long for players to give the new Mob new uses.

A Minecraft player creates all these possibilities with the new Mob Breeze
Breeze comes to ask you difficult things, but it also offers you great possibilities.

Over the years, Minecraft has become the biggest game in history and it owes everything to the infinite possibilities it offers and of course, also to Added content that does not appear.. On this occasion and after having included a new Mob, a player decided to unleash his great imagination by creating really fun situations with Breeze. If you’re curious, don’t forget what comes next.

This new enemy comes to change the way you play and it seems that this user has taken it very seriously. After verifying that the Mob could be made, he decided to use it to create it. of the cannons there is a launcher so they can fly, and included a minigame with traps that will not go unnoticed by anyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their matches. As you mentioned, Minecraft is capable of everything.

Enjoy these nine thanks to Breeze, the new Minecraft Mob

The task of creating these machines, games and ideas was carried out by Reddit user _GergYT. Just as you can see from your username, you’ll also find gaming-related content on YouTube for whatever you’re curious about, there aren’t any guys walking by to see everything you’re capable of offering. At this moment, just below these lines we comment on the clip that has been shared on the Reddit forum so that you can observe up to that point you can attach it.

Here are some cool things I did with the new Breeze mob!
byu/_GergYT in Minecraft

As you can see, he has a catapult where he can direct the shots wherever they come from. I also created a launcher so you can play on top of Minecraft, something really curious and impressive. And of course, we show it to you too. mini game that has with the trapdoors and the different Mobs. Thus, everything is mechanized so that later you do not have to look for the springs one by one.

The creativity of the Minecraft community seems to have no end, something that only shows it countless things that are available in this game. If you have seen huge creations, such as castles or even on your own planet Earth, this is undoubtedly to take the novelties of the title to another level. If you want to have some idea of ​​your own, try it, because I am sure it will lead you to create amazing things.

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