A minor fell with an aircraft that was transporting hundreds of kilos of cocaine in Chiapas

A minor and an adult were guarding the aircraft with firearms (Photo: Sedena)
A minor and an adult were guarding the aircraft with firearms (Photo: Sedena)

In Chiapaselements of the Mexican Army intercepted a aircraft that transported hundreds of kilograms of cocaine wrapped in various packages. During these actions, they also managed to arrest two people who were allegedly crewing the air unit; one of them was identified as a minor.

It was through a report in the Air Surveillance System that the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) detected an unidentified aircraft that came from South AmericaTherefore, the deployment of helicopters was ordered to follow up. Personnel from the Mexican Air Force and the National Guard (GN) participated in this operation.

Through radar and visual contact, it was learned that the jet-type aircraft had landed a little more than 20 kilometers to the northeast San Quentin, located in the municipality of Ocosingo. Given this, agents from the Sedena and the GN cordoned off the area to proceed with the inspection. In the place they noticed the presence of two men who possessed firearms.

A group of alleged Lacandones would have retained members of the 15 CINE for six packages Credit: Twitter/@CODIGO_NEGROMX

After the review, the Mexican Army found nine packages of cocaine whose weight was 270 kilograms approximately. They also ensured three long weapons, one short and three chargerslike the aircraft, although it was not specified which South American country the drug came from.

One of the subjects was arrested and the minor was presented before the corresponding authorities. Meanwhile, it was reported that investigations began to determine their legal situation and establish the possible route that the aircraft followed, that is, where it had taken off from and where it was going.

This assurance is given one month after the alleged inhabitants of the Lacandona jungle detain military elements until they returned a shipment of six packages of apparent drugs, which had fallen from a plane in the town of San Javier, in the municipality of Ocosingo.

As observed in a video shared on social networks, a group of 10 men They were roughly kneeling, in their underwear and had their hands behind their necks. It is presumed that they were members of the Mexican Army. Although the Sedena did not rule on the matter, it was reported that the subjects were released after 24 hours.

At the beginning of January, more than 800 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride were seized in Chiapas (Photo: Semar)
At the beginning of January, more than 800 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride were seized in Chiapas (Photo: Semar)

As in the previous case, the Cessna-type aircraft He came from a country in South America. After returning the packages, the armed forces withdrew from the place. According to what is heard at the bottom of the recording, the military forces would have had 23 hours to return the aforementioned shipment.

A week after these events, the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) secured more than 900 packages brick type of cocaine hydrochloride, with an approximate weight of tonne. The drug was drifting off the coast of Chiapas.

In total, 46 packages containing 920 packages of said illicit substance, for which the shipment was insured. During this operation, units were deployed by sea, air and land in the area of ​​the Sixteenth Naval Region.

At the beginning of January, Semar intercepted another vessel off the coast of Chiapas, which was carrying 895 kilograms cocaine hydrochloride. Four people were arrested for these events and were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in the Tapachula Subdelegation.


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