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There PC version of God of War since yesterday it is available on the Epic Games Store and Steam and the first ones are already available mod. In particular, one of these allows you to modify the Field of View (FOV), but at your own risk.

God of War for PC does not have an option relating to the FOV, a choice probably due to the characteristic direction of the Santa Monica opera, which in fact is a single sequence shot without actual cuts, which by the way has created some headaches to add support for ultrawide 21: 9 monitors, with developers having to fix several elements, especially cutscenes.

KingKrouchy has created a mod for Cheat Engine that allows you to change the settings related to the FOV in God of War. In a post on Reddit, where if you want you can download the mod, the modder explains that however changing the parameters of the Field of View can create problems during the cutscenes giving rise to visually unpleasant results.

God of War, an image from the game

God of War, an image from the game

In any case, it is a mod made in a short time, so in the future other less problematic ones may arrive.

Staying on the subject, a video comparison of God of War for PC analyzes the framerate with and without DLSS, demonstrating a truly remarkable gain in performance.

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