A mother uses her attractive son to seduce a king: this is the most controversial series of 2024

Mary & George is a bold historical psychodrama starring Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine about a mother and her son’s seduction schemes. It is based on a scandalous true story.

Conquer the king’s bed to secure a place at the English court. It will depict an intense story of intrigue starring the Countess of Buckingham, her son and King James I of England. mary and georgeA series that can be considered as the most controversial series of 2024. Its official preview gives a first look at the plot of ambition and homophobia starring nicholas gallitzin ,badly wounded heart) which is set in 17th century England

The seven-episode production follows the story of Marie Villiers (julian moore) and his son George (Galitzin), who pursue a path of manipulation and murder in their quest for power at the court of King James I. In the clip, the introduction of the Countess Villiers in a scene filled with danger foreshadows complexity. Moore’s character, and his troubled relationship with his son. George, with his mother’s protection, would enter the dangerous waters of court politics and take advantage of the king’s homosexual inclinations, making him her lover.

The series is distinctive for its narrative involving political intrigue and a strong erotic tone, with moments of intense seduction as key elements in the plot. (Credit: Starz)

Moore, Oscar winner always alice, She faces the challenge of giving life to a woman who “mastered the art of sexual and political conquest.” For her part, Galitzine once again meets a character linked to royalty and the LGBTQ+ spectrum after the headlines handsome devil And Red, white and blue blood.

There is diversity among the artists because of the talents like Tony Curran ,shine), which would be placed under the crown of James I, and Laurie Davidson In the role of Robert Carr, one of the king’s favorite lovers. Nicola Walker, Niamh Elgar, Trine Dyrholm, Sean Gilder, Adrian Rollins and Mark O’Halloran, among others, complete this panorama of historical figures in a drama of seduction, violence and deception.

The first images and trailer for “Mary & George” reveal a visual spectacle that mixes threats, manipulation and scandal. (Credit: Starz)

mary and george Based on the book by Benjamin Woolley, Born Under the Wing of Hera Pictures and Sky Studios king killer, written by DC Moore. The stakes include not only talent in front of the cameras, but behind them too, with executive producers including Moore, Liza Marshall and Sam Hoyle.

The series will arrive as an original production in 2024 starz for both the US and Canada, and adds to the list of historical fiction that has gained popularity in recent years, such as bridgerton or the golden age, Structured by a dark, little-known tale full of manipulations and power struggles, mary and george It targets audiences who are looking for a period drama with an intense and no-holds-barred storyline.

Nicholas Galitzine plays George Villiers, Mary’s son. (Credit: Starz)

While waiting for more information about its arrival to the Latin American public, you can see julian moore In Lisi’s story Of apple tv+ and in Nicholas Galitzin prime video with the movie Red, white and blue blood.

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