A much-loved oncologist dies in Granada and in Oncology

José Luis García Puche, specialist in Oncology.

The Medical Oncologyand especially Granada, is in mourning for the death of Jose Luis Garcia Puche (Granada, 1947), remembered director of the Medical Oncology Clinical Unit of the San Cecilio Clinical Hospitala center to which he dedicated 40 years of his professional career, from 1967 to 2017.

“It is a sad day for the family of the Granada Clinic“, lamented the center in its social networks. “His mark remains indelible in our Oncology services where he did a great job.” Also the Andalusian Minister of Health and Families, Jesus Aguirrehas made public his “deepest condolences” at the news of García Puche’s death.

Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Granadain which he was also a professor later, carried out part of his initial training in the specialty in the Italian city of Milan, in the National Institute of Tumori.

From there back to Granada, a place from which he obtained national and international recognition, being the author of more than 100 articles and more than 250 papers and communications.

Patron of the Foundation for Excellence and Quality in Oncology (ECO)in an interview with this institution explained the reason for his dedication to Medicine: “My father was an ATS and a teacher and my grandmother, a midwife. Since I was a child I understood that there was no better job than the professional dedication of a doctor”.

Why choose Oncology?

In that same talk published by the ECO Foundation, Garcia Puche It also explains why he chose the specialty of Oncology within Medicine. “Cancer was, and still is, something more than a disease. The reverential fear of suffering from it, the death sentence that its diagnosis meant and all that associated mystery challenged my imagination. As I began to understand in my studies of Biology the nature of the disease and the way to combat it, this field of Medicine became very attractive to me. In some way we were assuming the model of the Ethiopian QT, so fruitful in other areas of Medicine. That same year my grandmother passed away , of a uterine cancer. She was the most important person for me in the family. It was then that I joined as an internal student at the Institute of Oncology of the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital in Granada”.

Pioneer of Palliative Care

He was also a pioneer in the development of Palliative care in Spain. Author of a specific plan commissioned by the Junta de Andalucía, he was the first to introduce, together with Just Cabrera Y Placid Guard the specific subject in the fifth and sixth courses of the Faculty of Medicine of Granada. It was at the end of the last century, and García Puche himself explained it this way in an article in the The country newspaper: “At the Faculty we teach that all therapeutic measures are intended to cure, and if they do not do so, they are useless. Here we demonstrate that improving the conditions of a patient, ease your pain in his last months of life is also a medical achievement“.

In Melilla, he set up an Oncology Unit at the Regional Hospital, which he attended twice a week for years; he was recognized for it with the Gold Medal of the City

He is in possession, among other awards, of the Gold Medal of the city of Melilla (a Comarcal Unit was set up there and provided assistance twice a week) and the Silver Unit of the Red Cross for his participation in the La Rábita floods in 1973.

driver of the Spanish Association against Cancerof which he was president.

Reactions of colleagues and disciples

The death of García Puche has logically had a quick response among the medical profession, which has wanted to highlight his figure. Maria Jose Serranoof the Clinical Oncology Unit of the Virgin of the Snowshas expressed his regret on social networks: “You have been and will be my reference, you taught me to work diligently and with much love to the patients. Infinite thanks. The world is poorer today. I will always remember you”.

Professor of Legal and Forensic Medicine Jose Antonio Lorente has defined him as “a teacher and a friend, a magnificent professional, DOCTOR in capital letters whom none of us nor his patients nor their relatives will forget. Thank you for everything and forever, José Luis.”

Pilar Arandarector of the University of Granadahas defined him as “a recognized professor and professional doctor, but what really made him exceptional was his profound humanity“.

medical oncologist Encarnacion Gonzalez Flores he recalled that “Granada’s Oncology owes you a lot”.

The International Society for Liquid Biopsyof which he was the founder, has also sent a message in memory of Garcia Puche: “He was a visionary, a genius and a wonderful person.”

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