A new adjustable gastric balloon revolutionizes weight loss

the rhythm of life frenetic we carry and the type of food that we end up consuming, can end up having a major impact on our health. Bad meals, stress and sedentary jobs can lead us to suffer from diseases such as obesity or cancer. In data provided by World Health Organization (WHO), every year 1.2 million people die from obesity in Europe alone, For this reason, there are already treatments such as gastric balloon or other medications, which help treat this disease.

Beyond aesthetics or social pressure, obesity has another series of serious consequences for our healthbecause it can end promoting the appearance of other more serious diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and being an excellent promoter of cancer. In Spain the figures this year have been clear and worrying: 53.8% of the adult population are overweight or obesity, according to the Spanish Obesity Society (SEEDO).

The gastric balloon as a treatment

In a situation like this, both companies and entities public and non-governmental, hThey have begun to work to raise awareness about the risks of this disease and to develop treatments to curb its effects. Of course, the best thing to do, before taking medication, is change our way of life towards a healthier taking care of our diet and introducing more exercise.

Neverthelessthere are occasions in which this pathology involves other elements, such as hormonal or psychological, that take patients to other levels of overweight and obesity, hardly controllable with diet and exercise alone, that can put your health and even your life at serious risk. These grades will require more specific treatments such as gastric balloon or even bariatric surgery.

Many times, weight loss operations are usually quite invasive and expensiveso before you get to this option, you can Evaluate the use of a gastric balloon. These types of tools were invented in the early eighties, but it was not until the last two decades that the use of gastric balloon in Spain has spread and consolidated, due to its simplicity of application and risk reduction for the patient.

The revolution in gastric medicine

scientific and technological advances, they always help us improve the tools we already have to make them more effective, reduce their risks and even make them more affordable. This has happened in the case of gastric balloonswhich are gaining in the field of more efficient treatments to treat obesity and overweight. Both the price of the gastric balloon, as well as its new modalities, they have made can be within reach of more people who need it.

The leading company in innovation of these types of tools is the Spanish SPATZ, that has been launched on the market its adjustable gastric balloon, the first of this characteristic at a global level, whose main objective is to adapt to the needs of each patient to turn out to be the least invasive possible, achieve higher success rates and help with weight maintenance throughout the patient’s life. Find out more.

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