a new era of the French brand Dior, she comes to replace this great American actress

They all look like the singer Rihanna. A cosmetics brand that doesn’t stop consumers. A musical medium without mistakes. And a maternity dress plus a comb. But today, this is what is confirmation.

Who doesn’t know Pa Rihanna? We love to all dance or play in these mythical titles that “Umbrella” you’re doing an encore “Job”. Shortly after our statements at the scene, she decides to take a break en tant que chanteuse. She decides to devote herself to her beauty. Fenty Beauty. Products I adore. Young Barbadians deviate from the rules, are discrete, etc. ne s’expose plus devant le public. However, Rihanna doesn’t fly under the radar.

Elle continues the singer’s work for some productions. But this is not the limit of our family life, which temporarily occupies the entire son. In fact, after 2021‘the artist is paired with rapper ASAP Rocky. An idyll that is faire couler beaucoup d’encre. Well, on May 13, 2022, the first films of Rza Athelson Myers were born. Enfin, this is a spectacular show Super Bowl Qu’elle Montre Fièrement Etre new fence. Elle Accuche made her debut in garçon.

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Rihanna is the son of fashion statuette devant le monde entier

After several years of touring the world and releasing a number of albums, Rihanna decides to take a break. Néanmoins, elle ne fait pas rien. She met a cosmetics brand et de soin qui s’appelle Fenty Beauty. Success at the rendezvous. Famous artist as a beauty specialist. Mais elle montre également pour ce qui est de la mode.

Lorsqu’elle doit défiler sur le Tapis Rouge, Rihanna ne fait pas semblant. Que ce soit pour son maquillage or pour sa tenue, l’icône sublime les photos. Elle ne fait aucun faux pas et eThis is a person prone to suivre. But these are only those hairstyles that we call font. When he appears, a new Cheveux coupe opens, which is assembled into a ravier. This is the grace of the son of talent in fashion, she is best known for this big house French.

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Rihanna strays from the mythical world of perfume

This is a good new product not only for the star, but also for the world of perfumery. In fact, this Tuesday, June 18, 2024, The great house of Dior announces that singer Rihanna is the new generation of perfume. “I really love”. La jeune maman explains: “This new look for J’adore is a credit to all who carry out their mission. Ce ellage, que je connais et que j’aime depuis toujours, means it is for women. Je suis particulièrement touchée de rejoindre cette aventure et d’ and bring my universe, my history and my thoughts, my creativity and my femininity.”.

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After fashion model Carmen Cass, c’était l’actrice Charlize Theron, whom we love, all in Dior advertising. Nous nous souvenons d’elle en train de defiler dans le château de Versailles en levant ses bijoux et ses vêtements. We hate you commentary Rihanna becomes a revolutionary in perfumery cult French brand.

a new era of the French brand Dior, she comes to replace this great American actress

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