A new paradigm for healthcare. The Novartis formula

Novartis launches a new healthcare paradigm that helps the Italian regions and invests 250 million in research and development. A public-private partnership model that responds to the challenge of modernizing healthcare in a country that is still hampered by regional healthcare fragmentation

Novartis Italia announces a new organizational model that has the strategic objective of supporting the priorities of the Regions and contributing to the success of the NRP in the Health sector. A new paradigm to guarantee greater access to treatments and faster and more consistent diagnosis paths for a more modern, digital and citizen-friendly healthcare, also thanks to an investment plan in R&D of 250 million over the next three years. As pointed out by Pasquale Frega, country president and CEO of Novartis Farma: “What we are implementing is an important paradigm shift, in line with the indications of the NRP and even more with the now mandatory needs of patients who are entitled to the highest standards of care and assistance “.

Novartis’ strategy is articulated first and foremost from the creation of some new teams, including that of Regional Affairs – as part of the Public Affairs & Sustainability function – which will create strategic partnerships with regional stakeholders in light of the provisions of the Pbrr, starting from Mission 6 (Health) and up to the environmental transition, social inclusion and research; the Regional Access & Partnership team – as part of the Value, Access and Regional Partnership function – which will add to the access skills the implementation of strategic projects and services in line with the needs of regional health systems; finally, the new Innovation & Services, to support the first two teams, which will have the task of identifying innovative solutions capable of integrating the company’s proposal within the new models.

The entire organization will support the new functions to ensure the achievement of new challenging objectives, as Frega always assures: “The pandemic has taught us that the only formula useful for countering major threats and achieving ambitious goals is collaboration between citizens. , between companies and between them and institutions. The Regions are already the presidium today and, we are sure, they will be the engine of this important change for our country “.

We are talking about a reality that boasts a solid industrial presence on the national territory. Novartis, in fact, is currently the leading investor in R&D in the Italian healthcare sector with approximately 250 million euros planned over the next three years; over 2,300 qualified collaborators present throughout the country and 11.7 million patients reached every year.

To implement this ambitious project, which meets the needs of the country, in a more agile and concrete way, Novartis has set up the Digital Innovation Hub Novartis Biome: a cross-divisional unit to support the development and implementation of Open Innovation initiatives whose objective is to accelerate the connections between Novartis and all partners in the healthcare and technology ecosystem.

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