A new Silent Hill? More rumors about the Konami project are added

The networks went crazy with the publication of a series of photographs and clues that would reveal the production of the next title of Silent Hill. The trail began to appear from the hand of a famous leaker of gaming advances, but Twitter was the match that lit the gunpowder: a few hours later, his posts were disabled for infringing Konami’s copyright.

The person responsible for starting the madness was a user who called himself on the networks as aestheticgamer -previously known as the Dusk Golem leaker- who posted four images and a series of data that support the existence of the development.

“The photos are a bit old, from 2020, so the project maybe looks a bit different now. But this is what I want to share for now. I know that many will doubt this, but i have a lot of private data to show that this is real and as always I will wait for the announcement of the new Silent Hill”, he wrote on Twitter.

Among his statements, he noted that Masahiro Ito (developer responsible for the art behind the franchise) told on his social networks in 2020 that he was working on a project which he hoped “would not be canceled again” and that later reconfirmed its existence during 2021.

The published images (one of which is signed by the artist) show a wall full of notes that read “He is not the Messiah, he is a very naughty boy”, which is a line from the British film ” The Life of Brian” by the comedy group Monty Python.

Two other images show a dilapidated house with many bags of garbage accumulated and a destroyed photograph of a woman with the words “minger” (British slang for a woman with horrible appearance), “I hate myself” and other phrases.

From these clues, many users they believe that the new Silent Hill will definitely have British influences and that many of the studios collaborating with the production could come from the region. All the images that existed on Twitter were suspended from the network almost immediately with Twitter’s notice that they violated their Copyright regulations, which seems to affirm the veracity of the photographs.

At the same time, Tom Hulett (former Konami developer who worked on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) expressed that he found any worker who feeds the work of leakers “unprofessional”, although hours later he stated that he had no relation to the production of a new Silent Hill.

AestheticGamer’s predictions have revolutionized the networks due to their accurate video game predictions in the past, especially the one in April 2020 when they published about the launch of Resident Evil Village in 2021 and several correct details about its gameplay.

At the beginning of the year, the developer Konami had renewed the license for the Silent Hill franchise, which includes video games, merchandising and a large number of other services. While the rumors that have arisen about the imminent appearance of his game, the study has remained silent and has not declared anything officially.


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