a new sleek model for the Future


The PUMA Future 1.3 from the First Mile Pack
The PUMA Future 1.3 from the First Mile Pack

PUMA has introduced a new, more streamlined colourway, featuring mostly white and gray, for the Future included in the First Mile Pack.

Definitely, PUMA is in Olympic form right now. While the German equipment manufacturer recently released its new pack including a new color for the Ultra but also for the Future, the feline brand is already presenting a new model for the crampons worn by Neymar Jr or James Maddison, for example. . This is a pair included in the First Mile Pack.

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A simple look…

Finished the black associated with green for a darker rendering, place in the light for this new model of Future, dominated by a mixture of white and gray. PUMA has chosen to mix in a very subtle touch of red, giving this pair even more character.

The PUMA Future 1.3 from the First Mile Pack

We thus find the red on the logo of the German firm, located at the end of the shoe, but also on the heel. Same observation for the FUTURE inscription and all the technologies that accompany it on this pair, on the front part.

… and elegant at the same time

Looking more closely at these studs, you can see on the sides that the gray and white are separated by a kind of gradient with vertical stripes. What offer a visual rendering rather pleasing to the eyes and which should overall be quite successful for purists.

The PUMA Future 1.3 from the First Mile Pack

Note that we find the gray on the laces of this Future, but also on the sock. These new crampons are in any case already available on FOOT.FR!

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