A new species of centipede is now named after Taylor Swift

The entomologist Derek Hennen baptized his discovery “Nannaria swiftae”, in honor of the singer of whom he is one of the fervent admirers.

Nannaria swiftae… This is the name that Dr. Derek Hennen, an entomologist, gave to the new species of centipede he discovered in Tennessee, motivated by his admiration for… Taylor Swift.

“This new species of centipede is Nannaria swiftae: I named it in honor of Taylor Swift! I’m a huge fan of his music and wanted to show my admiration for him by naming this new species from Tennessee after him. (where the singer was born, editor’s note). A great honor !posted the scientist on Twitter.

After examining more than 1,800 specimens collected in the field or from university and museum collections, the researcher and his team have listed seventeen new species, including Nannaria swiftae, details the Science News site. The centipede in question is found only in Tennessee, nestling in forests of spruce, maple, oak, and pine.

The only woman to illustrate in the ranking of the ten highest paid musicians of 2021, Taylor Swift accumulates the honors. At the Clive Davis Institute, the music department of New York University, the American singer was on the program from January 26 to March 9.

A choice motivated by Jason King, president of the program in order to familiarize students with the status of entrepreneur in the field of music, to develop critical thinking and writing skills. The course was taught by Brittany Spanos, journalist at the magazine RollingStone. This former New York University student and Taylor Swift fan has been covering the artist since the start of her career ten years ago.

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