A new wind farm between Castelvetrano and Partanna

Following the success of the Italian GSE onshore auction, RWE will build its 17th wind farm in Italy. The 25.2 megawatt (MW) “Selinus” wind farm will be built in an area included in the municipalities of Castelvetrano and Partanna (Trapani), in Sicily (region where RWE already manages four wind farms). For the onshore “Selinus” project, the GSE assigned a bilateral “CfD” (contract for difference).

For the “Selinus” plant, RWE will install six Vestas wind turbines (model V136) with a nominal power of 4.2 MW. After commissioning in the third quarter of 2022, the plant will generate an amount of green electricity adequate to meet the annual demand of over 22,000 Italian families. RWE will invest more than 30 million euros in this project. “Selinus” will start commercial electricity production in the last quarter of 2022.

Paolo Raia, Country Chair RWE Renewables Italia, declared: “Selinus marks another step forward along Italy’s path towards climate neutrality, placing itself among the few hundred MW of projects that have obtained authorization in the last two years and who participated in auctions where the reduced adhesion (to date about 2200 MW out of auction volumes equal to 3900 MW) has made clear the effort that will be necessary on the part of the Italian institutions to support the achievement of the ambitious European targets. In this regard, we are following with great interest the acceleration of the authorization procedures for renewable sources that the Italian government has introduced, considering that currently they still require more than five years. To allow the recent reforms to become concretely effective, we are also and above all seeking consensus in society: consensus for cultural change in energy policy and awareness of renewable energies to be considered as a solution for protecting the climate and the environment. We are ready to provide support to citizens, municipalities and administrations in information campaigns. “

RWE is one of the leading international companies in the field of renewable energy and in Italy it is active with an integrated business model that extends from the development of projects through the construction and management up to the marketing of wind farms. Thanks to its extensive experience, the company operates an onshore activity in this country with a proportional capacity of 456 MW.

In addition to this Italian project, RWE is currently building onshore wind farms in the US, UK, France, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

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