A Pokémon GO player finds a very old Pokestop


  • PokeStops are an important part of the Pokémon GO experience, providing players with field research, items, and a connection to the real world.
  • Players can submit PokeStops for approval through Niantic Wayfarer, a community mapping program that aims to approve stops with educational value or interesting features.
  • A Pokémon GO player discovered an old PokeStop promoting Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, showing the nostalgic and surprising nature of PokeStops.

TO Pokémon GO The player found a very old PokeStop promoting Pokémon: Let’s go Pikachu and let’s go eevee. PokeStops are part of the core Pokémon GO experience and a way to approach Pokemon series to the real world.

PokeStops are the easiest way to Pokémon GO players to obtain field research and items. They are also related to relevant landmarks such as sculptures, memorials, mosaics or high-traffic places such as parks and libraries. If the player is level 37 and wants to submit a PokeStop to be approved, they must enter Niantic Wayfarer, a community mapping program that allows players to collaborate on the Niantic map in real time. The developer strives to approve PokeStops that have some educational value or are simply interesting. But despite this, it is not unusual for Pokémon GO Players will encounter PokeStops that are quite strange. And proving that Pokémon GOThe Pokestops hold many surprises, a trainer has found one that has been stopped for quite some time.

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Reddit user Adrinotfound found a PokeStop promoting Pokémon: Go Pikachu and Go Eevee. The player shared a screenshot of a PokeStop in Queens inviting players to “have a Nintendo Switch holiday experience” with Gen 7 games. The PokeStop image is promotional art for the Pokémon: come on games, showing Pikachu and Eevee side by side. Pokémon: Go Pikachu and Go Eevee They are remakes of Pokémon Yellowand the first Pokemon Games released for Switch. Niantic heavily promoted both titles in Pokémon GOincluding the addition of themed PokeStops.

He Pokémon GO The community was shocked by the OP’s discovery and shared similar stories. Two players said their local malls have Pokémon: come on PokeStops, and a trainer said they found a “Raids 2020” PokeStop in New York City last year. Another comment mentioned that their city has a PokeStop promoting Pokemon sun and moon games, the Gen 7 titles that introduced fans to the Alola region. Different Redditors shared PokeStops that still exist in the game, but the companies related to them are no longer operational.

In addition to being an important part of Pokémon GO, PokeStops tell many interesting stories like the one shared by Adrinotfound. TO Pokémon GO One trainer once encountered a PokeStop in real life, and another had an intense encounter while scanning a PokeStop. Although it is possible to remove or change a PokeStop, it is unknown if Niantic will remove the one the player found. After all, while PokeStop is old because it promotes games from five years ago, at the same time it carries a lot of nostalgia for Pokémon GO players.

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