A Portland Market alternative to Black Friday, rewarded among sellers

You are rich in tryptophan, You caught up with the in-laws and played your last game of apples to apples. You may have seen that curious new Thanksgiving-themed slasher flick, where Patrick Dempsey plays the town sheriff — alongside Addison Rae.

It’s time to get out of the house and remember why you moved to Portland. In its 10th year, the Portland market is adding a new Thanksgiving weekend of local shopping, in addition to its two mid-December weekends. The semi-outdoor “European Market” will set up shop in Orchard Supply Hardware’s former garden center in the Goat Block on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. On Sunday, it’s coming to Pioneer Courthouse Square, gathering around the largest freshly-lit Christmas tree in the city.

Sellers more or less compete for access to the market. It’s a little unclear to clarify which vendors make the cut. Delia Tethong, who has run the market since 2015, manages the roasters through long-standing relationships and email applications, and after years of growing the program and refining its character, she says that when She knows it when she sees it. “It’s technically an invite-only situation,” she says—the roster of more than 150 vendors usually fills up within a single week.

For many vendors, the market is their only market of the year, otherwise you have to search for them online or hope to find their wares in stores. “It’s not like the craft fair market at your kids’ school,” says Tethong. Apparel made from hand-sewn heirloom Oaxacan textiles from Graziano & Gutierrez in Portland will be at this year’s event, as well as the minimalist, pastel-toned pottery of Pigeon Toe and Mock Lab (the people behind Knot Springs’ signature scent ) will also have candles.

The vendor lineup for the Thanksgiving weekend event has been reduced slightly, hosting about 40 vendors, most of which will appear again in December. Tethong says the kickoff weekend will be a casual mix of shopping and the joys of Straightaway cocktails and Cloudforest drinking chocolate, as well as St. John’s Wursthaus Urban German. “We’ll have hot sausages, mulled wine — really leaning into the gluhwein vibes,” she says, referring to the warming German “glo-wine.”

The largest events take place in an industrial building in Northwest Portland. On December 9-10 and 16-17, more vendors than you might expect will fill this massive space, selling their painstakingly crafted ceramics, locally processed chocolates, candles, visual arts, vintage clothing and home goods, handmade Ready to talk about furniture. , baked goods, locally distilled spirits, jewelry… it’s a lot.

Tethong is excited to host Ham Council, a ceramic artist who typically sells her mugs decorated with cheeky lines through Instagram drops. “He kind of has a following,” Tethong said.

Orox Leather Company is a long-time preferred vendor. “They’re all brothers,” Tethong explains, “and their father started the company with them – it’s literally a lineage of Oaxacan leather makers.”

The market is probably the only place you can interact with your favorite potter or clothier, which takes the community-centric idea of ​​shopping local one step further. The best gifts always come with a story.

portland market The European Market will be at Goat Blocks on Friday, November 24 from 3-8pm and Saturday, November 25 from 11am-4pm; Sunday, November 26 from 11am to 4pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The big event will take place at the Premier Gear & Machine Works Building on Saturday and Sunday, December 9 and 10 and December 16 and 17, from 11am to 4pm.

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