A priest from the Island to Pope Francis: ‘Cubans feel ashamed of others for you’

Cuban priest José Conrado Rodríguez Alegre sent an open letter to Pope Francis in which he reproached him for his silence in the face of the outrages committed by various totalitarian regimesespecially that of Cuba.

According to the Catholic priest of the San Francisco de Paula Church, in Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, “We know well that when the Holy See does not explicitly and firmly defend the victims, totalitarian governments feel free to act as they please, against their victims.”

“I confess that it became more and more difficult for me to honestly affirm that ‘the pope often surprises me, but he never disappoints me.’ most powerful man on earth. But it was very difficult for me to observe the too explicit smiles with the dictators of the left: Maduro, Ortega, Evo Morales, and some others “he underlined.

Rodríguez Alegre made reference to an epistle that in 2018 he addressed to the highest representative of the Catholic Church, where he indicated that he understands “that you lived through the traumatic experience of right-wing dictatorships.”

But he admitted that, for that same reason, he found the silence of the Vatican paradoxical when, as a result of the visit that Francis made to Cuba in 2015, “the dissidents were prevented from greeting the Pope at the Nunciature in Havana, as he was And the next day the situation was repeated in the Havana Cathedral: the Holy See kept silent and did not make a formal and public protest against the behavior of the Cuban Government, at least discourteous with the pope and abusive with the dissidents and opponents whom they The pope wanted to say hello, albeit briefly.

“Recent events in the sister nation of Nicaraguawith the imprisonment of Bishop Rolando Álvarez and a group of his closest collaborators, priests and laity, in Matagalpa, they have once again put on the table the issue of silence in the face of the abuses of leftist dictatorships. The imprisonment in that country of the main opposition candidates for the presidency, the brutal harassment of all political and social dissidence and the declared religious persecution unleashed by the dictator Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo are extremely worrying. That Chilean tune from Pinochet’s time comes to mind: ‘Tell the pope who lives in Rome, how they kill his pigeons’ “.

The Cuban priest reminded the pope of the statements he made last July, following the first anniversary of the historic 11J protests in Cuba, and in which he acknowledged having “a human relationship” with Raúl Castro.

On this, Rodríguez Alegre sentenced: “Holy Father, we Cubans feel ashamed of others for you. How is it possible that the pope was silent in the face of a brutal repression against peaceful citizens who shouted ‘Patria y Vida’ and that they expressed their enormous desire for freedom and justice in the face of a government that has been in power for 63 years, violating rights and crushing an entire people”.

“It is with sadness that I pass on to you what an excellent young priest told me: ‘sometimes the Pope sounds more like an ideologue to me than a prophet or a pastor,'” he quoted.

José Conrado also recalled that, during that day, Miguel Díaz-Canel called his followers on television to exercise violence against those who were demonstrating peacefully.

Holiness, if we want to have a clear north in the face of the problems of this world, we must opt ​​for the poorest, for the weakest, for the oppressed. Do not be cajoled and deceived by the great ones of this world. His place is not among them, but beside the people. His logic is that of Jesus Christ: stripped of all rank and category, to serve from smallness and poverty. The sheep must be defended: in Cuba, in Nicaragua, in Venezuela, in China. Always with the oppressed, never with the oppressors: ‘you cannot serve two gentlemen,'” he concluded.

Father José Conrado has been a constant critic of the Cuban regime. In open letters addressed to Fidel and Raúl Castro, he had accused them of being responsible for Cuba’s authoritarian drift and emphasized how their policies harm Cubans.

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