A programmer gets David Attenborough to describe his life with AI

If you’ve ever wished that acclaimed broadcaster and documentary director Sir David Attenborough would narrate your life, you’re not alone, and you no longer have to just wish that. A programmer named Charlie Holtz has turned that wish into reality, thanks to AI.

In a demo video shared by Holtz on X, formerly known as Twitter, Attenborough’s voice narrates Holtz as if he were a character in a movie,

“Here we have a remarkable specimen of homo sapiens“Distinguished by his silver-rimmed glasses and tousled curly hair,” explains Attenborough. Of course, it’s not Attenborough, but IA-Attenborough.

The narrative seems unwritten and autonomous and surprisingly realistic By capturing not only the documentary filmmaker’s distinctive voice, but also his distinctive speaking style.

“It wears a blue cloth-like covert, which can only be assumed to be part of its mating display,” says IA-Attenborough.

This short demo proves that the AI ​​clone isn’t just a figment of that episode black Mirror With Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy, but something real.

Holtz is one “hacker Resident at Replicate, a machine learning company” He has published wacky experiments with AI on X, such as One In which it uses artificial intelligence to recommend how to correct posture.

This latest experiment, shared this Wednesday the 15th, has been viewed more than one million times. This is made possible due to the combination of GPT-4-VisionFrom OpenAI – an AI model that can explain what it sees – and code from Eleven Labs, a voice AI startup.

I’m not sure what Attenborough thinks about his AI clone – he hasn’t responded to a request for comment. business Insider Sent outside of normal working hours—but reading the feedback from X users makes it clear why Hollywood actors are afraid of AI.

The future of AI in Hollywood, according to one of the industry’s leading experts

a user of written: “I’m going to ask David Attenborough to narrate the video of his child learning to eat broccoli.”

The Screen Actors Guild board has approved a deal with the studios to end the actors’ strike, but AI remains a matter of concern in the industry,

This Saturday the 11th, Justin Bateman, AI advisor to the union’s negotiating committee, criticized The settlement for not taking adequate steps to protect actors against the creation of their “digital doubles” and their replacement with “synthetic actors”.

“You will now compete with all the actors, living or dead, who have made their ‘digital double’ available to users,” writes Bateman on X.

This feels like an early warning, especially now that Holtz has put his AI code online for others to use as they wish.

Holtz did not immediately respond to a request for comment. business InsiderShipped outside normal business hours.

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