A public discussion between Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo and a visit to an estranged brother sparked a wave of speculation

Daniel Ortega turns his back on Rosario Murillo and leaves her talking to herself.  It happened on the night of December 31.  (Video Capture/Channel 6)
Daniel Ortega turns his back on Rosario Murillo and leaves her talking to herself. It happened on the night of December 31. (Video Capture/Channel 6)

The tense calm that Nicaragua is experiencing this beginning of the year was altered by two events, apparently related, in which the ruling family was the protagonist: a public discussion between Daniel Ortega Y Rosario Murilloand a visit from Ortega to his brother, the retired general Humberto Ortega.

Both events went viral on social networks and the media and unleashed a series of speculations about an eventual political negotiation that the Ortega Murillo regime would be seeking through his brother, Humberto Ortegaa former head of the Nicaraguan Army who has been critical of the repression unleashed after 2018 and who has recommended dialogue as a way out of the crisis the country is experiencing.

In December 2019, Humberto Ortega published in the newspaper The Press an opinion article in which he demanded the release of political prisoners held by the Nicaraguan regime.

“Today, wise and firm, just steps are urgently needed to overcome the painful crisis that we have all suffered since April of last year, being the first, in the heat of these Christmas days of so much Christian fervor, that the government appeal to legitimate mechanisms that allow the prisoners of this political crisis to be free, merging themselves in the bosom of their homes in hugs with their loved ones”, said the retired soldier.

In February 2022, in another opinion article published in the same newspaper, Humberto Ortega sued his brother for the death in prison of General Hugo Torres, who was part of the staff of the then Sandinista Popular Army headed by Humberto Ortega.

“Today, this unfortunate, painful outcome of a comrade in struggle, who consistently fulfills this oath to the end, must contribute to the path of solution to the political crisis that our country is suffering, which urgently requires a climate of reconciliation, which generates it. after the political prisoners are released, through any of the legal, legal instruments required,” he insisted.

Humberto Ortega, Daniel Ortega's younger brother two years, faces serious health problems.  (Photo file La Prensa)
Humberto Ortega, Daniel Ortega’s younger brother two years, faces serious health problems. (Photo file La Prensa)

Without expressly mentioning it, Daniel Ortega responded to his brother, citing a phrase that the military spoke in the 1980s. “Some traitors Y country-seller that at some point with great authority they said that in Nicaragua there were going to be a lack of poles to hang the rich, now they are demanding that we release terrorists. That will not happen,” said the Nicaraguan dictator in August 2021.

Daniel and Humberto Ortega have had a distant family relationship, fueled mainly by the differences in the wives of both, according to the biographical book of Daniel Ortega, El Preso 198, by the journalist Fabián Medina.

“He always had a distant relationship with his brother Humberto’s family because their wives have gotten along badly since they lived in Costa Rica. For Daniel the world of his brother was too wide. He only saw him in meetings and only once did he come to his house in the first ten years after the triumph, ”the book describes.

On the night of December 23 of the year that just passed, however, a citizen recorded a video that shows Daniel Ortega’s caravan entering the housing complex of his brother, Humberto Ortega.

Ortega visits his brother Humberto

Nicaraguan journalist Emiliano Chamorro released the video through a tweet in which he commented: “The dictator of #Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, meets with his brother, the former head of the Army, Humberto Ortega, with whom he had no communication. Rosario Murillo was not present at the meeting, which has caused differences between the presidential couple.

“The meeting between the Ortegas, according to the source, took place at the end of December. A source affirms that the former head of the Army is being link of the international community so that the president opens up to a dialogue that seeks a solution to the country’s crisis,” added Chamorro.

With this fact, he was just beginning the novel that went viral in the media and social networks, about meetings and disagreements between the ruling family. It happens that the night before this news broke, on December 31, Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega were seen arguing in a live broadcast on public television.

It happened during a tribute to Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente, who, as usual, Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo arrived together. In the broadcast made by the state Channel 6, Murillo and Ortega are seen arguing upon their arrival at the event. Shortly after, Ortega turns around and leaves his wife talking to herself, who angrily signals to her daughter, Camila, and returns to the vehicle to leave the scene.

Never before had Murillo abandoned Ortega at an event.

Ortega argues with Rosario Murillo

In an attempt to fix the slip, Channel 6 published a series of images about the event and at the end puts one where Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo are seen lovingly embracing, with the caption “2023: All together, let’s go forward.” However, it is a scene from a previous event, where even Ortega and Murillo wear different clothes.

The fight between the ruling couple was associated with the recent visit that, without Rosario Murillo, Ortega made to his brother and the possibility of a negotiation that Murillo would oppose because it would exclude her from a possible succession to Ortega.

The comments rained down on social networks and several Nicaraguan media highlighted the news as the “most read” of the day.

“The note about the public discussion between Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo blew up social networks in Nicaragua, where the 100% Noticias Facebook page alone registers more than 12,000 reactions and more than 1,500 comments. Likewise, the rebuff that Murillo makes to him by leaving him alone has given rise to multiple readings by citizens ”, highlights the 100% Noticias platform.

The comments range from those who acidly criticize the couple because “they can’t stand each other anymore” even those who defend Ortega and line up cannons against Murillo. “Hopefully and he turns around forever and leaves the country, because of his eccentricities the country is made a m…, that he lets Daniel rule, since he is the one the people have elected and by vote cascading is that she has been greatly benefited”, comments a Sandinista on the news portal.

The regime countered by publishing a press release confirming Ortega’s visit to his brother and denying speculation about a possible dialogue. “Encouraged by blood family ties, Commander Daniel wanted to greet his brother, who is very weakwithout any pretension or political exchange, which was never the objective of his visit, since at that level there is no communication, nor is it foreseen, ”said the note in a language that rather fueled the comments.

This Thursday, the daily The Press He assured that two diplomatic sources confirmed the initiatives of the regime before the international community for a possible dialogue “that allows the Government a breather in 2023, in exchange for sending more than 100 home political prisoners”.

Since 2007, Rosario Murillo has invariably appeared alongside Ortega, and has been advancing in the concentration of power in her hands. She is a spokesperson, First Lady and, since 2017, Vice President. She is seen as the persona in line for Ortega’s succession.

This December 31, for the first time, the seat next to Ortega was empty, and the public discussion was followed by an Ortega of little and confused speech, repeatedly getting the dates wrong. “Today December 31 of this year 2020, the last day of the year 2020, the world has already said goodbye to the year 2020…”, he said, without this time having a Rosario Murillo to correct him as usual.

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