a relative claims to have met his hidden daughter, he says [Vidéo]

Jay-Z regularly has to deal with young people claiming to be his daughter or his son. This time, it’s a former friend of the rapper who returns to the case of one of his alleged hidden children, La’Teasha Macer…

In his life and especially since he shared that of Beyoncé, Jay-Z has often been, and still is, confronted with the appearance of hidden children who, themselves or their loved ones, demand accountability, even be recognized by the now 52-year-old rapper. Among the cases picked up in the media, in 2011, a rumor reported that Jay-Z had a hidden child with a model, Shenelle Scott, and that the Mc would have given a million dollars not to appear on the birth certificate. In 2015, a 21-year-old young man, Rymir Satterthwaite, claimed to be his son again, while his mother Wanda had appealed to justice in 2010 to subject Beyoncé’s husband to a paternity test. He had refused. The Court did not have enough elements to compel it to do so. Rebelote in 2020, this time 28-year-old Cambridge, Maryland woman La’Teasha Macer claimed Hova was her biological father.. In her case, it was on Instagram that she explained her situation, while having created the hashtag #jayzfirstdaughter: “I have been silent for far too long! Join me as I tell you the story of my life in the shadow of Jay-Z’s daughter, in a town where everyone knew he was my father! Growing up, I watched multiple sclerosis wreak havoc on my mother. She was bedridden 24 hours a day. But I took it upon myself to raise 4 children – including a set of twins while going to school full time, taking 2 jobs, in prison and in the hospital.”

jay z the teasha
La’Teasha Macer VS Jay-Z

La’Teasha then had the support of her aunt, Terry Turner, who had come to post a message on the networks to accredit the thesis of the alleged daughter of the New York rapper: “I know the story from start to finish, I hooked up with your mom and dad years ago. Jay asked me who she was when I lived at 500 Greenwood Avenue! We landed in this apartment, we laughed, drank, smoked, played cards and many other things. I remember when Lisa came to my house on Bradley Ave in Cambridge MD and we called Roc-A-Fella. We tried to contact Jay to tell him about Teasha and the guy’s exact words were: “Do you know how many women call here every day and say Jay-Z is their babydaddy?” As Gloria Jean Turner said: what is done in the dark will one day see the light. That day has come.” If La’Teasha had sought to have Jay-Z take a paternity test, the case had since fallen into oblivion…

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He gives news of La’Teasha

If at the time, relatives of Jay-Z, including his partner in Roc-A-Fella, DeHaven Irby, had taken the floor to explain that a lot of people were aware of this possible paternity, this time, it is another relation of Shawn Carter who, again, evoked the case of La’Teasha Macer. Former friend of Jay-Z, and artist signed to Roc-A-Fella, Oschino Vazquez (43) recently claimed know the alleged hidden daughter of the one who today weighs 1.4 billion dollars, according to the magazine Forbes, and seeing her in Cambridge, Maryland where she still lives. VShe last recounts in a video having met La’Teasha in a club in the city (known to be one of the most dangerous cities in the country), and that obviously she was not very rich. She reportedly lives in a modest $200,000 house in a poor part of town that Jay bought for her, while he himself lives with Beyoncé and their children in a property valued at around $100,000,000. Oschino claims, moreover, that if Jay-Z pays the bills of the young woman now aged 30, he would have asked her not to put photos of him at home. They would have established a kind of “contract moral. Let’s hope that these statements, which bring all these rumors back to the surface, will not taint the life of the Carter family from now on.

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