A renowned health expert has destroyed our habit of eating frozen fish

Faced with an increase in the price of the shopping basket or a shortage of time, many people resort to frozen fish With the intention of incorporating this food with multiple properties into your diet.

However, despite good intentions, the fish remains frozen It’s not always the best option for the environment. This was stated by Dr. Nicolas Olea, a professor specializing in health and environment, in an interview on YouTube with microbiota expert Miodrag Borges.

“It turns out you buy them to include fish in your diet You’re eating something that was caught four years ago in Namibia and has been in your freezer for three years.” says Olea, who warns that keeping fish frozen for so long isn’t good for the planet.

The doctor explains that a piece of bull or fish is best kept frozen for up to four years, usually at a temperature around -30º.Environmental effect“We don’t know the carbon footprint of bringing it up from those oceans and keeping it for so long,” Olea says.

In addition, experts point out that the problem is not only in freezing fish, but also in eating products that have to travel a long way to reach our pantry, as is the case with kiwis imported from New Zealand. Olia recommends freezing beets whenever possible Local produce that’s in season,

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