A Republican senator seeks to take away special copyright rights from Disney

Washington – Republican Senator Josh Hawleyrepresentative for Missouri, presented this Tuesday a bill to prevent any new special copyright protection that benefits Disney, which he described as a “progressive corporation.”

In a statement on his website, Hawley explained that its intention is to limit any new copyright protection to a maximum of 56 years, which will be retroactive “for massive corporations like Disney that have been unnecessarily granted long-term copyright monopolies.”

“It is time to take away from Disney its special privileges and open a new era of creativity and innovation,” he stressed.

The main point of what would be called the Copyright Clause Restoration Law reduces the validity of new copyrights that are granted to 56 years and the measure will be retroactive for the main companies in the entertainment sector.

Due, Under this legislation, Disney would begin to lose protections over some of its oldest and most valuable copyrights. Hawley said.

The United States Congress passed a law in 1998 that expanded copyright protections for corporations, granting them property rights for 95 years from original publication or 120 from product creation.

Disney lobbied for that rule, which was in fact dubbed the Mickey Mouse Protection Act.

The draft Law for the Restoration of the Copyright Clause advocates limiting these rights to 28 years, counting from the date they are granted, and allows a single extension of 28 more years.

Disney has recently acquired the rights to iconic characters worldwide, such as those from the Marvel universe, Star Wars and the 21st Century Fox label.

This is the latest attack by Republicans on Disney, after on April 22 the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantisend the self-government that Walt Disney World has in Orlando, which allowed it to grow for almost half a century until it became the world capital of theme parks.

DeSantis is at odds with the entertainment giant over the rule known colloquially as “Don’t Say Gay”, promoted by the governor and which, among other things, prohibits teachers from speaking to younger students. on sexual orientation and gender identity; and to which Disney has opposed.

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