A rumor indicates that there would be at least 3 unannounced Silent Hill games in development

Last October, Konami officially announced that it was working on several projects in the Silent Hill franchise, such as the remake of Silent Hill 2 or a completely new installment of the franchise, such as Silent Hill F. No However, recent rumors indicate that these are not the only Silent Hill games that the company has in its hands right now, because right now there would be up to 3 more unannounced projects in development.

Through a resetter thread, the well-known insider Dusk Golem assured that, currently, there would be up to 3 Silent Hill games in development and that have not yet been announced, and that is not including The Short Message, the game whose synopsis and possible cover leaked a few days ago.

announcement of the new Silent Hill

Konami is working on 3 yet unannounced Silent Hill games

According to information from Dusk Golem, Konami has three other franchise projects in the works. However, he also pointed out that one of these projects is in a very early stage of development, so it would be normal to wait several years before we can hear from it.

Taking into account that Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill F were announced a few months ago, none of which have a release date yet known, it would not be a surprise if they should It will take several years until Konami makes the announcement of these 3 Silent Hill games official whose development would have already begun.

Perhaps one of those titles is the rumored reboot of the franchise, which finally was not announced during the event last October, and which has been discussed on several occasions. In addition, it is also possible that one of those three titles is the continuation of Townfall, since said game will be the first installment of a complete anthology of titles, in the style of The Dark Pictures.

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