A rumor says that Ben Affleck’s Batman would appear for about 20 minutes in the Flash movie

The movie of Flash postponed its premiere until 2023, however, Warner Bros and DC would continue to work on Barry Allen’s first solo film and in recent days they would have carried out some audience tests of the project led by Andrés Muschietti.

Generally those tests are regulated by confidentiality agreements, but sometimes true details about the plots on the tapes emerge.

Obviously in the case of Flash We have no way of knowing what will or will not be in the film since so far there is not even an official trailer. However, after a Reddit post about the film, the leaker identified as ViewerAnon backed up a rumour.

Days ago in a subreddit dedicated to DC movies a complication of rumors was published where a third point maintained that the DC movie The Flash would begin with a sequence where the scarlet speedster collaborated with Batman to save the day.

“The entire opening sequence is a team-up of the Flash and (Ben Affleck’s Batman). The Flash saves a hospital while Batman chases criminals on his Batcycle. the post says. “There’s a Quicksilver-like flash sequence in X-Men: Days of Future Past/Apocalypse where he saves babies falling from the hospital when an explosion below knocks him down. Barry is running out of power during the sequence. Batman has a high-speed chase through the streets in broad daylight. He felt like a car chase from a Marvel movie.”

That information not only seems to fit with the prequel comic of Flash which will show an alliance between Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne, but also regarding the rescue scene it would coincide with conceptual arts that were shown in a leaked video some time ago. All while during filming, photos of Affleck’s stunt double appeared on a motorcycle in broad daylight.

In that sense, perhaps the most striking thing is that the rumor says that all that sequence “occupies approximately the first 20 minutes of the film” Y “It ends with Batman almost dying to save the city, but Wonder Woman saves the day. Gal Gadot has lines and it’s clearly her.”

Although this information began to circulate on Reddit some time ago, it recently gained a little more notoriety because ViewerAnon assured that what the report indicated would be true, although it suggested that eventually the scene could last less than 20 minutes.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact time, so if it’s like 10-15 minutes, don’t kill me, target the leaker instead! But it definitely matches what I know about the movie, right down to smaller details like Batman and Flash touching the Lasso and spilling their guts.”he pointed.

So far Warner Bros has not revealed many details about the plot of the Flash movie, but keep in mind that according to this leak Barry’s mother would die while the hero’s father goes to look for a forgotten product at the supermarket and as a result of the influence from that moment in the timeline the premise of the film is compared to the comic Justice League: The Nail.

Flash will premiere in 2023.

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