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By Solene V

– Posted on May 16, 2022 at 5:47 PM

Netflix’s dystopian series Black Mirror will soon be back after a three-year hiatus. The streaming platform renews the show for a season 6. Something to delight the hearts of fans!

black-mirror captured the hearts of fans. After a rather controversial season 5, many people wondered if the rest of the series was going to be exploited. And to their delight, a season 6 should soon appear on netflix. The streaming platform has indeed renewed black-mirror for a new season, three years after the broadcast of the last episode. This raises many questions, as the dystopian series. If season 5 brought together major guests, including Miley Cyrus or Will Poulter, what about these future episodes? Can we expect to find the essence of the first seasons so fair and polemics at a time ?

This highly anticipated sequel should win the hearts of fans. Just like the previous seasons, the sixth would have a very large budget for each episode. Without counting on the viewing time, true to itself, since each of them should do More than an hour. variety also specified: “The new season will be even more expansive and cinematic. Each episode will be considered as a movie. Something tells us that some are already ready to binge watch… However, no information has yet been leaked regarding the different storylines. As for the casting, nothing has been announced to us either. But we can already expect surprises given the waiting time. In effect, three years have passed. Time for the director to think carefully about what he has in store for us.

Why season 6 comes only three years later?

As with many films and series netflixthe coronavirus pandemic is in question. Charlie Brookerthe screenwriter of black-mirror, had revealed in May 2020 that he did not yet feel capable of writing a sequel. Thus, he declared during an interview given to RadioTimes : “Right now, I don’t know who would want to watch a series that shines a light on collapsing societies. So I’m not working on it. I’m getting my sense of humor back. So I write scripts that make me laugh.. Visibly, Charlie Brooker is now ready to move on from black-mirror. But to discover these new episodes, it will unfortunately still be necessary to be patient. Indeed, none release date has not been disclosed at this time.

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