A silent place, where a sigh can be deadly.

It was named as one of the best films of the year in which it was released and it is not an exaggeration, because the way in which it is told is beyond creative. In 2023, it celebrates 5 years of its premiere, a place in silencewhere a sigh can be deadly.


a peaceful place either a place in silence, is the opposite of what its title indicates. The irony is found only after 10 minutes into the film (in itself, it is a fairly short production, lasting an hour and a half).

A Quiet Place is a film directed and acted by John Krasinski, co-starring with his wife in real life, Emily Blunt. The story was created by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, who wrote the script, helped by Krasinski himself.

The value of the film is the way it is narrated, forced by the premise. At times it reminds us of the walking dead for its aesthetics, for its production design and for its photography, in addition to other elements in the story. Likewise, the apocalyptic future in which humanity faces total extinction is a fairly familiar scenario by now.


The Abbott family, made up of married couple Evelyn (Blunt) and Lee (Krasinski), as well as their children, Marcus (Noah Jupe) and Regan (Milicent Simmonds), are among the few survivors in the United States after an invasion of strange armored monsters, blind, very resistant and guided by the sound produced by objects and living beings. Their speed allows them to move dizzyingly to feed on their prey and they are practically unrivaled.

The Abbotts’ advantage is that they can communicate through sign language, as their daughter, Regan, is deaf. That’s how the Abbotts have an advantage over many of the families.


Even so, raising a family is not easy, especially when it comes to young children. It’s what Lee and Evelyn must navigate if they want to survive. Things are even more complicated when a baby is on the way. The first cry from her can be everyone’s death sentence.

Indeed, the tape contains very few dialogues and the messages are transmitted through signs. It is worth mentioning that sign language is different by region, so it is not the same in the United States as it is in another country, say Mexico.

Marco Beltrami’s soundtrack is subtle and a perfect tool to create atmospheres. The audio design is also very precise and timely.


As in horror films, clichés abound, but it is worth noting that in this case, most of them are well used and, despite selling us a decisive point for the finale very prematurely, the suspense continues throughout the film.

This story with very few sound words is supported with great creativity in the visual aspect, showing off camera and light games and, of course, with good performances.

As expected, after the success of the first part, a second was created and released in 2020, in addition to the fact that there is a third in pre-production that is expected for 2025, as well as a derivative, A Quiet Place: Day Oneby 2024. By the subtitle of “Day one”, we will most likely see how it all started, although that does not mean that we will be given an answer to the origin of the monsters (which would be another similarity with the walking dead).


A Quiet Placepremiered on April 6, 2018.

I offer you a note about the walking deadthe television series, and others that are based on comics:

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