A single night nurse in Internal Medicine of Monte San Isidro

The Nursing Union, Satse, of León has demanded that the number of nurses in the Night shift in units of Internal Medicine Hospital Monte San Isidro because, currently, only one nurse cares for patients admitted to these units.

Satse León has received numerous complaints of hospitalization nurses at the Monte San Isidro Hospital because they assume a work overload because the staff is insufficient on the night shift in the Internal Medicine units. These units have 27 beds each.

In a letter sent by Satse León to the Nursing Directorate of the University Hospital of León, the Nursing Union shows its complaint because the number of patients per nurse is “excessive” (only one nurse on duty) and, in addition, the admissions that occur in Monte San Isidro are always made at night, “which leaves the nurses in a situation of unaffordable burden.”

At the Monte San Isidro Hospital there are only two nurses on the covid floor, the rest have only one, and the Second Right floor has been closed and beds are being crossed in many rooms of the Assistance Complex to accommodate the needs.

In Satse León’s opinion, “it is not feasible to care for people with a High level of dependency in the activities of their daily life (eating, washing, walking, etc.), and in turn, performing the administrative and professional tasks that hospital admissions require”. All this means that care and attention in night shifts “cannot be carried out with the quality and safety necessary for patients,” according to SATSE León.

This situation is already known by the Nursing Directorates and the only solution that has been offered to the nurses is the granting of occasional reinforcement that “is not effective”, according to the Nursing Union, “because it does not reach all the units nor is it present on the night shifts, but rather this reinforcement disappears to solve incidents and give breaks in the morning and afternoon shifts”.

For these reasons, Sartse León has asked the Nursing Department to “adopt the necessary measures so that the work of nurses on night shifts can be carried out in the better conditions of quality and safety for patients, increasing the presence of nurses on that shift”.

hospital supplies confirm that there is a night nurse on the Internal Medicine floor and add that the center has a night backup nurse who rotates between the different floors of the hospital “In addition, along with the nurse, on the Internal Medicine floor she works at night a TCAE (technician in auxiliary nursing care)”, they argue.

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