a song of self-love and vindication

For decades music has been the channel to connect feelings between thousands of people and, without a doubt, heartbreak is the most representative. Shakirafirst and Miley Cyrusa day later, they have known how to take advantage of it to externalize the sea of ​​​​feelings that floods them.

The lesson of both artists is that Today’s women are ready to “check in” instead of sitting down and crying over spilled milk and that sometimes all it takes to feel fulfilled is to ask oneself to dance. Love yes, but your own.

A video clip that keeps secrets

Self-confident, in a striking dress st laurent gold while training, dancing and enjoying life: this is the miley of the video that in five days has exceeded 48 million views on YouTube and what with the session #53 In the first place, they occupy the two positions in the ranking of trends in music from the platform.

At the end of the clip, miley does a cathartic dance while wearing a fancy masculine suit. What few know is the same one that her ex-husband wore during the Met Gala 2019 (he in a black shirt), also signed by st laurent (Photo).

The video clip that Cyrus describe how “a love letter to los angeles” was directed by jacob bixenman Y Stephen Galloway and its cover is a photograph of biranna capozzi. For both productions, the singer was in charge of participating actively.

The letters and the poisoned darts

Like Shakira, miley He takes the opportunity of his pain to dedicate a couple of lines to his ex-partner, although in a less visceral way and with a different approach, mainly oriented towards overcoming and not the ‘beaf’.

During the prechorus, the singer alludes to the scourge that ended her home and her memories: “We were right ’til we weren’t/Built a home and watched it burn (‘We were fine until we no longer, we built a house to see it burn’) pray the lines in memory of this traumatic event to Cyrus.

Other references include Bruno Mars and it is rumored that Flowers is a reply to the topic When I was your manlaunched by the singer in 2012.

The story surrounding Flowers

When Miley Cyrus Y Liam Hemsworth They met while filming ‘The last song’ it was not expected that they would live a love story as passionate as it was stormy. It took the Australian actor a decade to decide to ask for the hand of Cyrus in December 2018; however, what hemsworth I didn’t know is that the love nest would dissolve just one year after the engagement.

After a story that would inspire poets, episodes of anxiety, depression and substance abuse became the context that framed the couple’s marriage. After the fire that destroyed the house in which they lived, hemsworth asked in January 2020 the divorce of the Disney ex-starleaving a heart adrift.

a deeper look

Juan Carlos Salazaran expert in digital marketing, attributes the success of Flowers to a phenomenon he calls ‘the great disenchantment‘. “It is that moment when the millennial realizes that life is not rosy, that their partner may not stay forever and that the job they get will not always be the one of their dreams.”.

It is a feeling that identifies the public of Miley Cyrus, mostly from this generation, who seeks to catharsis the disappointments that growing up implies. This is the reason why Shakira Y Miley Cyrus they have connected so deeply with their audience, generating millions in short periods of time, he says.

Beto Alvareza specialist in promoting artists, maintains that the song by miley It is a complete success in his career. She declares that the artist went from being in a period of complete inactivity, in which public opinion began to put her name aside, to breaking important records on the Internet.

She doesn’t look like anyoneIf the song plays, it’s because it’s hers. It has a unique and refreshing sound that marks its own style: wherever you hear it you know that it is about Miley Cyrus”, he assures.

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