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One speedrunner He managed to finish the Halo Infinite Campaign at the Legendary level without firing a single shot, as shown in the video published by the Simply & Slick YouTube channel, with the aforementioned at work, at least according to what is reported in the comment.

The incredible feat also takes advantage of any glitch of the system, as often happens in this type of performance, but above all it demonstrates a very creative management of the elements of the scenario and the grappling hook, as well as the constant use of melee strikes, including melee attacks with the kick of the weapons and punches in face to the Exiles. However, there is also a big trick used by the speedrunner, visible around 14:15, which greatly reduces the duration of the run. The player takes possession of the Pelican and manages, through what appears to be a full-fledged glitch, to jump straight from the end of the Tower mission to the start of House of Reckoning, effectively cutting out most of the Campaign.

Tom, this is the simple name with which the speedrunner introduces himself, during the video takes full advantage of the various possibilities offered by the scenarios, often using the grappling hook to evade the shots and launching as soon as possible the various explosive and plasma charges that are scattered throughout Zeta Halo.

However, it must be said that he often also uses real contact weapons, namely the Elite sword and gravity hammer, which technically do not shoot shots but are among the most powerful weapons ever, especially for those who know how to move with dexterity. In any case, the feat is truly impressive, also considering the fact that it has been completed at the Legendary level, according to reports by Tom.

Previously, we had seen another speedrunner, Jasper Gaming, complete the campaign in under two hours.

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