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In December 2016, Disney released “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” The story starring Felicity Jones and Diego Luna told how the rebels had obtained the map to the Death Star and started before “Star Wars: A New Hope” (also known as Episode IV). The Gareth Edwards-directed film won over fans, critics and was a box office success, racking up over $1.056 million. Today premieres on Disney + “Andor”, the series that focuses on the character of Luna, Cassian Andor, and is set five years before what happened in “Rogue One”.

The actors Genevieve O’Reilly , Kyle Soller and Denise Gough told Publimetro about the production in which Stellan Skarsgård, Forest Whitaker and Adria Arjona also participate, among others.

O’Reilley reprises her role as Senator Mon Mothma, who tries to support the rebellion. The actress commented on this comeback, “It is exciting to have the opportunity to learn about this woman, to learn about her as a very important female leader, but also about her as a woman, the woman behind this leader.”

Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma in Disney+'s Andor

In addition, the interpreter highlights that, being a prequel, it is known exactly how the series ends after the two announced seasons. “We started in a completely different place. We start with a Mon Mothma who looks and feels like we’ve never met her before, she even dresses differently. She looks different. She’s in a world that we haven’t really seen much of.”

Regarding the expectations of a relentless fanatic, the actress behind Mon Mothma, assures that she loves that they are “incredibly passionate”.

“I think it’s an amazing platform to lean on when you realize there are so many people behind you. They’re passionate because it means something to them and it’s lovely to be a part of something that means something to people.”

Kyle Soller plays the villain in Andor

For their part, Kyle Soller and Denise Gough play villains; they appear in the series as the deputy inspector for the company that governs the mining planet of Morlana One, Syril Karn, and Imperial officer Dedra Meero, respectively. The two have in common their hatred of Cassian Andor.

Unlike Luna or O’Reilly herself, the actors were new to this world where every decision must have the OK of “The Vatican”, where experts confirm if what is seen on the screen agrees with Star Wars.

Soller recalls that even though creator and screenwriter Tony Gilroy guided them “in such a way that everyone knew there was a responsibility to the story, but I remember (the work) being full of joy and a kind of intimacy.”

Denise Gough as Dedra Meero in Disney+'s Andor

Meanwhile, Gough says that she reads many plays by the best authors, which is why she is skeptical of TV scripts and usually considers that they need many improvements. But that’s not what she came up with when she read her first three scripts, in which she doesn’t even appear: “I got pretty emotional and they managed to do that to someone who didn’t know the story. I don’t know ‘Star Wars’, it’s not part of my background or anything. So I was just reading the scripts and they were so beautiful: so well thought out and with all these brilliant writers,” she says of the work of Tony Gilroy and his team.

The actress behind Dedra Meero has high expectations precisely because of the respect that Gilroy and his collaborators have for the universe created by George Lucas. “I hope that what is presented is a deeply respectful offering made to the existing Universe.” she says she.

At that point, Soller adds: “At the same time that Tony took him into new territory. As he read the scripts he was like, ‘Oh wow, this is really different from Star Wars. This is like entering a wonderful new world,” says the actor.

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